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Here is the 6th piece of ShardTalk and we are delighted to have Houston Song, CEO of Garage Studios, back again to share more about their hybrid system and Kovan integration. If you missed the first interview, you can access it here!

Game: Dissolution
Updated info: First game to implement a hybrid system.

The Interview
Q: What does full Kovan integration mean for your players?

Houston: Full Kovan integration means that players can expect to see Dissolution with Main-net integration as early as December 2019. Technically we can go on main-net right now, but it’s probably best to stress test the system for bugs and errors It’s a completely seamless experience once you link your wallet to your account. The system in its current state is almost too seamless: a couple of our players had some confusion as to whether their items had ascended. To test our Kovan integration, all a player needs to do is enable developer mode on their Enjin wallet. Any items that you ascend right now will still be available to ascend again once we go live on main-net.

Q: What does ascending an item mean?

Houston: Ascending an item is Enjin’s term for when a game item becomes an ERC-1155 token.

Q: Dissolution is the first game to implement a hybrid system. Will you like to elaborate more on this system?

Houston: The term “hybrid” is a fancy way of saying that we use both on-chain and off-chain (server-side) account management. The player starts with your inventory stored on our servers like a traditional game would. When a player wants to ascend their items to the blockchain as an ERC 1155 token, they simply link their Ethereum address to their account and pay the gas cost. So regular gamers can play the game like any other gamer without blockchain, and blockchain gamers can play right out of their wallets. It’s the best of both worlds essentially.

It’s important to give our players the option to choose between using our servers or blockchain to store their items. Even with the numerous advantages that blockchain provides, the vast majority of gamers don’t have any experience or knowledge on how blockchain works. Our goal with our integration is to seamlessly transition regular gamers to adopt blockchain technology and the Enjin platform. Creating a barrier to entry for these players by forcing them to learn about blockchains right away isn’t going to help adoption.

Our primary goal when we designed and created this hybrid system is to increase adoption of the wonderful technology that we are using. I expect that we will be seeing a lot of games follow our footsteps in adopting a hybrid model as we pave the way towards blockchain adoption in the gaming sphere.

Q: How can regular gamers who are clueless about blockchain benefit from this hybrid system?

Houston: The biggest benefit to them will be ease of use and convenience. It allows a player to get into the game without having to do a significant amount of learning. If you think about how competitive the gaming space is, putting a barrier to entry for regular gamers are going to hurt our player base. They’re going to just play another game that is way easier to get invested into. The only way to convert a regular gamer to blockchain is by allowing them to get invested in the game enough to warrant them spending the time and energy to learning about the technology. I think gamers intuitively understand how virtual items hold value, and thus, they make a great case study for mass adoption.

Q: Anything else you will like to share with our readers?

Houston: As a dev team, we’re extremely passionate about what we do, which is why we always aim to push boundaries and innovate. We’re building Dissolution to be the game that puts blockchain gaming on everybody’s radar. There is a lot of misconceptions, scepticism and doubt about the technology, and most of the arguments against blockchain gaming originate from a lack of understanding on the part of the arguer.

We believe that the future of this industry lies in the collective ability of all blockchain games to attract and convert regular gamers to this technology. To do so, we need the support of the blockchain gaming community. We’re still currently in the early stages of development. Every suggestion and bug report helps us improve our game, and we take the community feedback very seriously. Case in point, our zombie mode is literally a player suggestion. I want to thank our community for all the support, bug reports, and suggestions. We couldn’t have made it so far in development without you guys.

Additional information

Dissolution will be holding their founder’s token sale on 23rd August! There will be a massive supply of 100,000 tokens with 50000 to be unlocked in-game. The first sale will have 15,000 tokens up for sale at a price of $2 each. Houston has also given more information about their founder’s token which you can find in this video.

Also, take a look at some gameplay of turrets which will be implemented next patch!


An excellent part 2 interview Houston has provided us and lots of amazing stuff is happening with Dissolution! Do head over to their telegram or discord to get a beta key for you to try out Dissolution on Steam.

We’ll be sure to fill up this segment with more intriguing interviews so be sure to keep a lookout! Check out other stuff in Blockchain Gaming too! If you want to be featured in our segment of ShardTalk drop an email to [email protected] for enquiries.




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