A Recap of Dapps in 2019 with DappRadar

As we close out 2019 and look to 2020, we look back at the successes and developments in the Dapp space — courtesy of DappRadar.

Here are the statistics of the top Dapp blockchains.


Ethereum is still the top of the crop in many areas. Its user growth, number of active dapps and value all top the charts. Daily active unique wallets across the Ethereum dapp ecosystem rose 118% and daily value(US dollars) went up 166%.

Ethereum also remains the only blockchain that’s successfully nurtured dapps across the four main categories: DeFi, Exchanges, Games, and Gambling and High-Risk.

However, we still can’t say for sure that Ethereum is the perfect blockchain for dapps. The sharp rise in gas prices last September showed clearly dapps running on this Proof of Work blockchain remain vulnerable to systematic factors.

Nonetheless, 2019 was a very successful year for the Ethereum dapp ecosystem. With DappRadar’s new token tracking analysis, the daily value of the dapp ecosystem amounted to over $10 billion.

  • Unique daily active wallets increased by 118% to over 19,000.
  • Games and marketplaces made up 50% of the total daily active wallets. The user numbers rose by 195%;
  • Gambling and High Risk reached 22% — a 78% increase;
  • Exchanges made up 20% of total user numbers increasing by 26%;
  • DeFi amounted to 6% of total users but this was a staggering 529% growth;
  • The total value of Ethereum used in the dapp ecosystem in 2019 was $1.8 billion, up 202% in terms of USD value.

Stats including ERC20 tokens

  • DappRadar started tracking ERC20 tokens from 1st June.
  • The total value of ETH and ERC20 tokens used in the Ethereum dapp ecosystem was $7.2 billion an increase of 166%.
  • DeFi accounted for 45% of total volume skyrocketing by 20 times.
  • Exchanges accounted for 50% of overall volume which was a 40% decline.
  • Gambling took up 3% which was a 71% drop.
  • Games and marketplaces accounted for less than 1%, rising 87%.


Both EOS & TRON have been labeled as the ‘Ethereum Killers’ but both struggled to grow their user base as well as value. EOS, since 1st November, had suffered from severe network congestion following what appeared to be a deliberate DDOS attack.


  • Activity of unique daily active wallets across all EOS dapps dropped by 48% to 13,541 (total).
  • Volume of EOS token value in USD was down 92%. (total)
  • Value of the EOS dapp ecosystem in 2019 was 7.2 billion(EOS and native tokens). total

Tron experienced strong growth in terms of total daily active unique wallets throughout the year. But, key TRON dapps experienced a decline in the second half of the year. Many TRON dapps had great initial launches but most failed to keep their audiences.


  • Accumulated unique daily active wallets across all TRON dapps rose 93% to over 16,000.
  • Total volume of TRON’s token value in USD fell 63% (53% in terms of TRX)

The total value of the TRON dapp ecosystem from 1 January to 8 December 2019 was $4.1 billion. TRON throughout the year was mainly used for gambling purposes.

Read the full industry review by DappRadar here.






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