Hololoot AR NFT Marketplace

Hololoot is launching its AR NFT marketplace on March 31st, 2022. (13.00 UTC). This will be your ultimate gateway to the AR metaverse. On the marketplace, you can buy and sell AR NFTs. Once you own them, you can activate them and view them. This is the first step into a future with loads more exciting features to come.

Everybody is talking about the metaverse and AR (Augmented Reality). However, AR companies seem to be on a collective holiday. Except for Hololoot. With massive AR experience under their wings, they are taking the bull by the horns. As a result, they are presenting the world’s first AR NFT generator and Hololoot AR NFT marketplace. 

Hololoot’s AR NFT Marketplace

AR industry veterans built Hololoot‘s AR NFT marketplace. They make it possible for you to generate 3D assets that are AR-enabled. However, that is not where the buck stops! In addition, you can now mint an NFT of your 3D asset with just a few clicks. Once minted, you can:

  • Visualize them 
  • Play with them
  • Keep them or trade them
  • And more all inside one platform


Hololoot AR NFT marketplace

Source: Hololoot

However, this AR NFT marketplace is not yet the full marketplace. The team will add more exciting functions over time. Nonetheless, Hololoot releases the full product suite step-by-step. This first step will give a glimpse of Hololoot’s core of their AR NFT marketplace. If you like to find out more about Hololoot, in February 2022 we had a detailed Hololoot AMA with their COO.

Furthermore, note that the first version is available to the iOS version 13 and up only. Android and web browser fans need to be patient for just a little longer. 

Also, you can buy the AR NFTs and view them with your AR viewer. However, selling your AR NFTs is for the time being only possible at 3rd party marketplace. Therefore, P2P will be available later during the year. Until the full suite is active, you have access to:

  • View the available assets via the marketplace
  • Connect your wallet.
  • Buy assets with HOL tokens.
  • View any AR NFTs you own via the metaverse viewer.
  • Start exploring and the platform will grow over time to a full-fledged marketplace.

Hololoot AR NFT marketplace

Source: Hololoot

Hololoot’s Crypto Zoo, the First Drop

The first drop on their marketplace is the Crypto Zoo drop. Furthermore, throughout April, they will drop a total of 5 AR NFT mascots. The first one will be their Etherino. More updates will follow. So keep an eye out on their social media accounts for price info and other perks. You want to be sure you don’t miss this collection.

Follow this link, and you have a chance to win one of the Etherinos. The offer lasts until April 7th.

Setting up the AR NFT Marketplace

During the marketplace launch, there will also be an update for the Hololoot beta app. Here is a guide on how to get the app:

  1. Once you installed the app, connect your wallet. Currently, MetaMask is the preferred wallet. Other wallets will be available at a later stage.
  2. Once you connect your wallet, you will see your AR NFTs. Now you can start browsing. To clarify, you will need some HOL tokens in case you want to buy an AR NFT. You can buy HOL at PancakeSwap or MEXC.
  3. After you hit the ‘Buy’ button, the app will guide you in an easy-to-follow way through the process.
  4. Once your new AR NFT is in your wallet, it’s time for some action.
  5. Get your AR viewer out and explore the world. This time with a brand-new AR NFT!

Hololoot is rolling out the first-ever AR NFT marketplace in the world. However, keep in mind that this is not the full version yet! There are more updates and exciting features to come. During the coming months, the team will add them one at a time. As a result, there will be a complete, decentralized P2E marketplace.

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