Bloktopia to Foray Beyond Polygon

Polygon-based virtual skyscraper Bloktopia recently released details of its proposed 2022 product roadmap.

According to the roadmap, the virtual skyscraper, Bloktopia, is set to incorporate a multichain approach in its metaverse. This, in essence, means that Bloktopia has plans to extend its reach beyond the Polygon (MATIC) chain. And to foray into other blockchain networks.

Why a Multichain Approach?

Incorporating a multichain approach is a major improvement for Bloktopia. One that will put an end to complex transactions. Users will also enjoy interoperability and a seamless interface on Bloktopia. This, in turn, will facilitate ease of use, both for newcomers and top-notch professionals in the blockchain and crypto space. Therefore enabling widespread adoption of the protocol. Also, bringing the virtual skyscraper closer to becoming a top player in the blockchain ecosystem.

Polygon (MATIC) And Bloktopia

Most people know Polygon as the network that serves as the foundation for Bloktopia. The protocol is also popularly known for its scalability and adaptability. While also incorporating important Ethereum functionalities like security, top-notch interoperability, and liquidity. The blockchain is also known for its reduced costs, fast transactions, ease of use, and general simplicity. Making it one of the go-to blockchain platforms in the blockchain and crypto space. Simply put, Polygon provides its users with the best of DeFi.

Polygon (MATIC) is a major strategic partner for Bloktopia. The virtual skyscraper has, however, revealed plans to foray beyond Polygon and incorporate a multichain metaverse approach. In line with this, Bloktopia also announces a recent launch of its native token, $BLOK, on Binance Chain (BNB). According to the announcement, the token launch is also in line with the virtual skyscraper’s multichain strategy. It is, however, important to note that the launch on other chains will in no way affect the supply of the tokens. That is, $BLOK token supply will remain the same.

Plans are also in place to launch Bloktopia on other networks. While working to facilitate a hitch-free transition by partnering with platforms via bridges, parachains, etc.

More on Blocktopia

As previously stated, Bloktopia is a virtual reality skyscraper with 21 floors. Interestingly, each of these floors represents Bitcoin’s maximum supply of 21 million BTC. The skyscraper will serve as a welcoming environment for all crypto lovers irrespective of their experience levels. The virtual skyscraper is looking to create a perfect environment for interested persons to Learn, Play, Create, and Earn.

In conclusion, the virtual skyscraper is focused on facilitating global crypto adoption. The move to a multichain approach is a step in the right direction to achieve this.

Do you want to know more about the Bloktopia ecosystem and its BLOKPad launchpad? Find out more about them here.

BLOK Price

At the time of writing, BLOK was trading at $0.02251594 with a 24-hour trading volume of $47,061,587. The token price is also down by 10.6% in the last 24 hours.

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