Mining can be difficult to get started with because of advanced software and equipment. If you want to start mining but you find it too complex to bother, I am here to present you with some alternatives.

The first alternative is Cloud Mining and it’s the quickest and easiest of them all. All that is needed for this method is an account on a Hash Renting platform.

After the account creation, the user can make a contract for a period of time with the amount of hash wanted, basically, the customer will be using someone else’s hardware to mine. Depending on the platform, a small fee will be deducted from the mined amount usually once in 24 hours.

If you are wondering why they choose to rent their hardware instead of mining themselves, the answer is simple. The hash providers don’t want to take risks such as coin deflation and inflation of the electricity, therefor, they decided to profit by renting their gear.

Here’s a list with some popular Cloud Mining services:

  1. HashFlare – mining of Bitcoin only
  2. Hashshiny – mining of Bitcoin and Altcoins
  3. ViaBTC – mining of Bitcoin only
  4. Genesis Mining – mining of Bitcoin and Altcoins
  5. Minergate – mining of Bitcoin and Altcoins

Moving forward, the second alternative is making use of One-Click miner software and a computer. With this type of software, the user needs to link his public address and press start, very simple. Of course, with this method, a strong computer or a mining rig connected to a computer will be needed. Mining rigs can be purchased online from dedicated websites like Mineshop or people that build and sell on Ebay. Ordering a Mining-Ready rig may cost extra than building it by yourself, that’s the only downside.

The One-Click Miner software is available for a few Cryptocurrencies at the moment:

  1. WinMiner – supports Bitcoin and Altcoins
  2. MinerGate  – supports Bitcoin and Altcoins
  3. BetterHash – supports Bitcoin and Altcoins
  4. Vertcoin Miner – supports only Vertcoin

In conclusion, a lazy one will find an easy alternative to anything without bothering too much, however, you may end paying a little bit extra. “Think smart, act lazy.”

To be noted: that this is not financial advice nor I have been sponsored by any of the mentioned Websites above. All the information in this article has been gathered due to my own research. The readers should do their own due diligence when investing.


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