We’re in the 3rd week of September 2023. In crypto history, September has been the worst month for crypto. Since 2013, there have been only two green crypto Septembers, ever.

Nonetheless, there are always coins and tokens that perform well in September. It was no different in week 3 of September. So, let’s take a closer look at three coins that did well in the third September week.

1) Wemix (WEMIX)

Wemix took top spot of the three coins last week. The platform is in its 3.0 version. It offers a mega-ecosystem in blockchain gaming. In this ecosystem, you can find 13 independent Wemix platforms:

  • Wemix Play – A gaming and GameFi platform with currently 69 games on offer.
  • Nile – Here you can find a DAO, Life DApp, NFT projects, and a marketplace. 
  • Papyrus – A communication platform.
  • Wemix Wallet – A noncustodial mobile-only crypto wallet.
  • Explorer – A blockchain explorer for the Wemix ecosystem.
  • Ecofund – This app distributes rewards to apps and users, and more.

It has 4,000 TPS (transactions per second) and produces one block per second. In each block, there’s also 1 WEMIX token. As a result, there’s an unlimited max supply of the WEMIX token. The total supply is 974 million. However, out of these, only 317 million circulate. The current price of WEMIX is $1.04. Over the last 7 days, the token is up by no less than 114.9%. It has a market cap of $323 million.

Many investors are waiting for a blockchain gaming explosion in the next bull run. It looks like Wemix is making sure it is in position for when this happens. The following video explains their NFTFi. How NFTs develop into DeFi.

2) Curve DAO (CRV)

Curve DAO takes second spot in the top 3 coins for this third September week. It’s a well-known DEX in the DeFi space. To be more precise, it is an AMM with liquidity pools. It swaps stablecoins. However, it does this with low fees and low Impermanent Loss margins. 

According to DeFiLlama, it takes the 8th spot overall of all protocols in TVL. You can find Curve on 13 chains. For example, on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, or Base. Its TVL comes in at $2.119 billion. 

Despite dealing with a $70 million hack in late July, the CRV token does well. But also last month, Binance Labs decided to invest $5 million in the CRV token. So, this token is their native token. It serves as a utility token and governance token. On the other hand, liquidity providers also receive it as a reward. 

Whales are currently buying CRV tokens. This resulted in a 19.3% surge of the token last week. The current CRV price is $0.5065. It has a market cap of $447 million. The max supply is 3.3 billion CRV tokens. The total supply is 2 billion tokens. Currently, 881 million tokens circulate.

3) Radix (XRD)

Radix refers to itself as radically different from DeFi. This includes a Full Stack. In turn, this integrates, for instance:

  • A wallet for a better user experience.
  • Programming language for a better developer experience with Scrypto.
  • Execution environment for a better developer experience with Radix Engine.  
  • And a consensus algorithm with Cerberus. It will use sharding for consensus. Sharding is like the cashiers in the supermarket. When only one cashier is active, there’s a queue. However, when the supermarket opens up more cashiers, the queue will disappear. This will increase the scalability of Radix.

In August, Radix had the Olympia public network update. However, the Babylon mainnet launch is imminent. This led to a healthy price development for the XRD token last week. It now comes in third spot for last week’s altcoins. However, it was in the second spot for a long time. The current XRD price is $0.058949.

It has a market cap of $605 million. The maximum supply of XRD tokens is 24 billion. The total supply is 12.6 billion XRD tokens. There are currently 10.2 billion tokens in circulation. During the last seven days, XRD was up by 17.8%.


September being the worst yearly month in crypto, there are also tokens that perform well. We picked the three top coins for the third September week. This includes Wemix (WEMIX), Curve DAO (CRV), and Radix (XRD).


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