AlterVerse Launches First Conversational AI NPCs

AlterVerse has launched conversational AI companions as part of its ongoing Sky City Beta sessions. This world and game creation platform is backed by Binance Labs, Polygon Ventures, and incubated by Altcoin Buzz Labs.

Let’s discover more about AI NPCs, what are their use cases, and more. 
What are AI NPCs?
Powered by Convai, an NVIDIA Inception startup, the new feature is the first live integration that uses AI to onboard new players. Here, players can learn and level up their skills by conversing with an in-game AI NPC. Here are some use cases for AI NPC:
  • Brands can set up a storefront in AlterVerse with their own AI shopkeeper.
  • Shopkeeper NPCs can chat with players to drive sales, provide customer service, and more.
  • Players will be able to use AlterVerse’s no-code game creator to build custom games and worlds. This can be used to gain a competitive edge in more advanced forms of gameplay.
  • Players can also design and implement their own AI companions for their users to interact with.
To date, AlterVerse has already secured over 100 partnerships, including RIOT Energy, Scuti, Razor scooters, and
AlterVerse will also make non-fungible token (NFT) AI companions. With these AI NFTs, holders can access them from anywhere at any time. These NFT companions will provide personalized guidance that improves and evolves with every interaction.
This innovation follows AlterVerse’s successful funding round. This was led by Binance Labs and Polygon Ventures. Also, there are other notable participants like Labs, Baselayer Capital, and EnjinStarter.
More About AI NPCs
Scot Kinney, CEO of AlterVerse, said: “Conversational NPCs represent a new intersection of AI, Web3, and immersive technologies, supporting an entirely new digital experience while transforming the way brands interact and build loyalty with their customers online.”
Conversational AI NPCs
Source: Twitter
Also, Steve Jakobsen, Co-Founder of Riot Energy, said: “The deployment of AI Shopkeepers in our digital storefront will allow us to keep pace with how the next generation consumer wants to do business online. This venture is more than just a technological innovation; it marks the dawn of a new era in online business operations, one where interactive AI is the norm rather than the exception”. He also mentioned: “We’re eager to witness how this transformative initiative impacts the e-commerce landscape and sets new benchmarks in customer engagement and satisfaction that take experiential to the next level.”
Finally, Nicholas Longano, CEO of Scuti, said: “AlterVerse is the pioneering player and brand engagement with Convai’s AI NPCs and SCUTI’s AI-driven marketplace. Together they will revolutionize the way players discover and shop for products. Using advanced algorithms, players receive personalized product recommendations and earn rewards with every purchase and the smart NPC can further explain the product benefits.” 
Sky City, Alterverse’s First Alterverse Experience
As the central hub of the AlterVerse, it offers more than 20 mini-games, including quests, resource gathering, fishing, hunting, mining, combat, building, racing, mech battles, and demolition derby. Creators will be able to implement Sky City’s visual assets and gameplay mechanics in their own custom experiences.
alterverse sky city
Source: Twitter
More information about joining the Sky City Closed Beta can be found here.
More information about AlterVerse’s AI features, including a video demonstration of its first AI NPC providing SkyCity onboarding advice, can be found here.

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