DWF Labs, the global digital asset market maker and web3 investment firm, supports the launch of Waves DAO by committing 500k WAVES to Waves staking and voting  to support WavesDAO. This contribution enhances community decision-making capabilities and propels the growth of WavesDAO as the first DAO on the Power Protocol platform.

WavesDAO is a For-Profit DAO on the Power Protocol platform aimed to support the development of Waves Blockchain-based projects and other initiatives. The governors of the DAO have staked $PWR with a minimum of 1 PWR to participate in and 100 PWR staked for the initiation of a proposal to succeed. 

In the initiation period The WavesDAO is seeking to channel one-third of Waves miners’ rewards into the Waves DAO. This proposal needs to be approved by Waves miners and stakers through on-chain voting. DWF Labs’ participation in the initiative will empower developers to build on the Waves Blockchain upon proposal approval by the WavesDAO.

WavesDAO stands as a trailblazing decentralized autonomous organization on the Power Protocol platform. Managed by $PWR stakers, WavesDAO serves as an investment vehicle designed to align with the values and aspirations of the community. As the first DAO within the Power Protocol ecosystem, WavesDAO provides community members with a platform to

  • propose projects
  • evaluate investment opportunities
  • and collectively decide on the allocation of funds.

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