Best Early Stage Crypto Projects With Huge Funding

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Let’s continue discovering more crypto projects.

1) Pear Protocol

Pear Protocol is a decentralized trading platform, built on Arbitrum, where investors can apply a short strategy with one asset while make a long one with another. $PEAR, it’s native token, just got launched for public sale from April 14th to April 23rd (12:00 UTC)

One of his latest achievements has been completing a $1.25 million seed round fund with participation from Flow Ventures, RNR Capital, and others.

2) Sei Labs

Sei Labs is a layer 1 blockchain with low transaction costs and industry-leading throughput. This open-source chain provides several levels of transaction bundling, inherent frontrunning protection, and frictionless interoperability.

One of his latest achievements has been raising a $30 million fund at a valuation of $800 million via two funding rounds with participation from Jump Crypto, Distributed Global, Multicoin Capital, and others.

Also, Sei is closing important partnerships with web3 companies like SEER, Strobe, and GSR.


UXUY is a cross-chain aggregator protocol where users can access liquidity easier. This platform is currently available 8 chains, 38 DEXs, 4 bridges and 2 wallets. This means that with UXUY’s API, users can swap tokens an access in a variety of tokens and multiple blockchains.

One of his latest achievements has been closing a $3.2 million seed round find with the participation of Bixin Ventures, WaterDrip Capital, and others.

4) Xclaim

Xclaim is a marketplace where people can claims their funds from bankruptcy cases via an open and efficient centralized marketplace that gather byers and sellers. The platform has three important features: education, claim calculator, and trade support.

One of his latest achievements has been completing a $7 million Serie A round fund.

There are currently more than 1100 claims valued in more than $366 billion that come from the most famous crypto bankrupcy cases: FTX, BlockFi, Celsius and Vayage.

5) Sola-X

Sola-X is a frictionless DeFi protocol, powered by Solana, customized for traders and LP providers. It let users to:

  • Swap without slippage.
  • Liquidity providers will earn 86% of all swap fees.
  • Adquire liquidity easier.
  • $SAX holders can put them on stake to earn rewards.

One of his latest achievements has been raising funds in a pre-seed round.

It’s important to mention that Sola-X has partnered with web3 companies like Sei, Analog, ITSA, Nitro Labs, and others.

6) Fingerlabs

Fingerlabs is a decentralized music ecosystem that is currently developing it’s own dApps like:

  • Sun-Miya: A bridge that connects metaverse and offline world with one representative Web3 IP.
  • Favorlet:Β It’s a multi-chain all-in-one NFT wallet.
  • Xclusive: It’s an multi-chain NFT marketplace compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Klaytn.

One of his latest achievements has been raising Serie A round funds with participation from Wemade Play.

7) LABEL Foundation

LABEL Foundation is a NFT infrastructure with a permissionless P2P incubating platform to invest in world-class IP rights.

This platform that has Tracks, a web3 music platform where people can earn rewards for listening to its music. Song writers also earn token rewards for uploading music to the platform.

One of his latest achievements has been raising $1 million in a funding round led by DWF Labs.

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