We prepared a summary of the most significant BNB ecosystem updates from the fifth week of August.

This week’s list of BNB Chain updates includes the upgrade of BNB Beacon Chain Godel. In this weekly update, we also included the partnerships that were in the BNB ecosystem. We also cover the news of Binance’s support for the development of the blockchain ecosystem in the city of Busan, South Korea. You can read all updates in the BNB ecosystem below.

BNB Beacon Chain Godel Upgrade

BNB Chain stated that the BNB Beacon Chain Mainnet would undergo a planned hard fork upgrade called Godel. It will happen at block height 264,000,000 on September 2nd at 6:00 UTC. Full node runners on Mainnet must upgrade to version 0.10.1 by September 2nd. DEX functionalities will be disabled from BNB Beacon Chain as part of the update, but will stay operational on BNB Smart Chain. This will enable additional computing power on the BNB Beacon Chain to be focused on security, as well as boost future computing and governance initiatives.

This update is named after Kurt Gödel in honor of his significant contributions to the metamathematical era of mathematical logic. He is most known for his Incompleteness Theorems, which are among the few twentieth-century mathematical landmarks.
The general DEX user will no longer be able to place new orders or list new trading pairs on the DEX. Existing orders that haven’t been matched yet won’t be matched any longer. They can be canceled directly by traders or automatically by timeout after 3 days (or 30 days for orders in the best 500 price levels, according to BEP-67) and returned to traders.
FitEvo announce a partnership with Fabwelt

By collaborating with Fabwelt, the FitEvo community will have access to Fabwelt’s existing gaming platform and its first first-person shooter game Arsenal. They will also have the opportunity to experience the company’s newest and most ambitious project to date, Fanwelt. Fanwelt’s goal is to provide a dynamic fantasy gaming platform with numerous sports. Players will enjoy the flexibility and excitement of fantasy sports.

Far from being another fantasy sports platform, its unique design includes elements such as private playing rooms and a LeaderBoard for a full tournament/season. This will enable the FITamin community to work with the Fanwelt community to create tournaments, fitness games, events, and more. It will get people moving, competing, and earning while promoting the advantages of fitness and active lifestyles.

pStake Partnered with FortaNetwork

Persistence has recently announced the launch of a liquid-staking solution called stkBNB on the BNB Chain. The liquid staking idea, in essence, allows investors to stake digital assets while keeping the tradable version of the staked asset. In this situation, the stkBNB will allow investors to stake any quantity of BNB (BNB/USD) other than zero. It will therefore provide a significant boost to the BNB ecosystem by encouraging and allowing interested users to participate in different DeFi activities using their liquid-staked BNB in addition to the staking rewards.

Forta Network uses blockchain and Web3 protocols to provide real-time security and operational monitoring to detect important threats and bugs. To protect the protocol’s users, three Forta detection bots are currently monitoring pStake:
  • deposits
  • withdrawals
  • mints
  • burns
  • and other activities.
The Reef $20 Million Grant Fund is supporting Jungle Race
As part of our $20 Million Grant Fund support, Reef will onboard Jungle Race, a fun-filled NFT racing game.
Jungle Race, inspired by the exciting video games of the 1990s, provides an immersive gaming experience with its 3D multiplayer environment. For a more thrilling racing experience, it has four racing modes: Air, Karts, Run, and Boats.

Reef, built with Substrate Framework, provides developers with a lightning-fast, scalable, secure, and upgradable EVM-compatible blockchain on which to create next-generation applications. This grant will help Jungle Race grow, improve its mission, and prepare it to compete in the rapidly increasing Game-Fi ecosystems.
Jungle Race also has a marketplace with 10,000+ unique, tradable, and paying NFTs where you may mint power-ups, accessories, and other game items. Users may trade, collect, play, or rent out their digital assets in the 3D environment of Jungle Race. They will earn passive income even when they are not playing.
Binance will support the growth of the blockchain ecosystem in the South Korean city of Busan
Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Friday the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Busan Metropolitan City. Busan is located on the southeastern point of the Korean peninsula. It is South Korea’s second biggest city, with a population of around 3.4 million people.

As part of the agreement, the city of Busan will get technological and infrastructural support from Binance. The support will be for the development of the city’s blockchain ecosystem. Furthermore Binance will help with promotion of the Busan Digital Asset Exchange.
Another kind of collaboration between the two parties will be order book sharing. Binance will have a presence in Busan by the end of the year.
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