Crypto-Based Operations Go Viral on Wall Street
The crypto space, which was once an obscure industry, has gained mainstream attention and has been adopted by traders across the globe and on Wall Street. Several blockchain trends like NFTs, metaverse, and cryptocurrencies have gone viral.

Rather than invest in the crypto space directly, many individuals and financial institutions have other plans. They prefer to buy into private and non-private companies that impact the crypto market through their business activities.

The reasons for this are mostly that the stock market is heavily supervised. In addition, others would rather have their funds lying safely in an online stock exchange. This article will examine several prominent platforms that have business operations in trends like the metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

One World Universe

One World Universe is a leading company that spots business opportunities and emerging industries. The publicly-traded firm also invests in abandoned real estate. However, One World Universe has been actively carving paths in the metaverse and the NFT space. One World Universe currently has digital lands on three metaverse platforms: Decentraland, Upland, and The Sandbox. These virtual spaces or lands have grown in demand since last year, and One World Universe has positioned itself to benefit from the growing space.

In addition to investing in metaverse projects, the organization is a big fan of the NFT space. One World Universe has plans to partner with several celebrities and create NFT collections. In addition, the company intends to use this medium for advertising some of its products and gain a wider reach. Finally, One World Universe seems to be another good company to keep an eye on if the digital revolution keeps up its pace.

Exxe Group

Exxe Group is another company that has made a big investment in the crypto space. The platform also invested in other virtual concepts like the metaverse and NFTs. Exxe plans to create a one-of-a-kind metaverse platform that would include both music and fashion entertainment. The platform already owns an exchange, 1Myle, which introduced 20 major currencies recently.

Furthermore, the exchange provides an integrated fee processing alternative for a wide range of digital offerings. In the current fiscal year, which ends March 2022, the company has seen significant revenue growth. Furthermore, Exxe Group expects to earn $49-53 million in document revenue this year. This makes them worthy of observation.

APT Systems

APT Systems is another publicly-traded company capturing attention in the crypto space. The company has penetrated the crypto market with its native token, SPERA. The stablecoin is centered on security and privacy within the Verifundr escrow infrastructure. SPERA is ideal for trading commodities and services since the escrow system reduces crypto and traditional transaction risks.

The Verifundr escrow and fee systems have the potential to bring APT Systems to the forefront. So far, the numbers show good signs for Verifundr. SEPRA has a significant competitive edge over the thousands of stablecoins. In addition, the coin is among the few stablecoins sustained by both gold and money. This provides it with a rare advantage.


Coinbase is one platform that has achieved several milestones in the crypto space. The company trades publicly on the U.S. stock exchange and is one of the biggest crypto exchanges. In addition, Coinbase has experienced tremendous growth over the last few months. Its quarterly revenues spill into billions of dollars.

Coinbase recently added more investors and users to its platform after a successful Super Bowl commercial. In addition to this recent surge in awareness, Coinbase is home to several altcoins and operates in over 100 nations. The numbers and stats make Coinbase a good exchange to monitor.

Privately-Held Firms

One good way to earn a long-term profit is by investing in privately-held companies before they go public. However, this is often risky due to the high failure rate of many new brands. Nevertheless, it is an excellent option to consider. Accessing pre-IPO offerings is easier than in the past. Most significant publicly traded firms began as private firms. The unpredictable nature of things in the crypto space sometimes makes it intriguing.

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