Christmas is the best time to catch up with old friends, share the couch with your favorite pet, and reflect on the long year you had while surrounded by your friends. But do you know you and your loved ones could add some spice to the fun and even make some extra cash?

Our friends at IQ Protocol recently announced a holiday contest for Web3 game enthusiasts. This contest is one of the biggest things you’ll find during the holiday season. Let’s talk about the idea behind this.

IQ Protocol enjoys massive support from its community both before and after its $IQT token launch. So, to celebrate its community and the impressive growth of the Web3 gaming space, the team collected prizes from their partners and is dishing them out to users in the form of amazing mixer packs. The prizes include whitelists, tokens, and NFTs. The contest began on December 18 and runs until January 8.

How to Participate in the #GameFi Holiday Mixer Pack Raffle

Participating in this mixer pack raffle is simple! All you have to do to join and stand a chance to win a prize is

  • Get a raffle ticket.
  • Be a member of the IQ Protocol Discord. Then, get a TNBT Raider role by visiting the #tnbt-raiders-role channel.
How both processes work

IQ Protocol created special NFTs that reflect the holiday spirit. So, renting these NFTs serves as the raffle tickets for the contest. Visit the IQ Marketplace and start renting an NFT for your raffle tickets now. You can get in as many times as you want between now and the January 8, 2024, deadline. However, you’ll have to pay gas for each rental (using $MATIC).

Furthermore, joining the right Discord is quite easy! To get the “TNBT Raider WL” role, all you need to do is join the IQ Discord and click on the reaction in the “TNBT-Raiders-Role” channel under the “Whitelist Hub Category.” Next, you will be able to access the “TNBT Raider WL” channel.

In addition, you can link your wallet address to your user name once you’re there. This qualifies you to win. Also, the raffle is open to all wallet addresses that have been registered.

What are the prizes?

About 20 projects are taking part in this contest. This means the prizes are pretty massive. Some of the participating projects include:

  • IQ Protocol
  • Universus
  • Crypto-Guilds
  • Mechachain
  • Galaxy Fight Club
  • WAGMI Games
  • MixMob
  • Citizen Conflict
  • Nunu Spirits
  • Arcade
  • The Red Village
  • Star Atlas
  • Medieval Empires

The grand prize is a collection of 20 high-quality gaming-related prizes intended to capture the interests of die-hard gamers. As previously mentioned, the prize includes unique NFTs and utility tokens. In addition, there are over a thousand prizes for more than 200 winners.

Why is this event remarkable?

This event makes it clear that IQ Protocol prioritizes engagement with its community. It also shows the protocol’s plan to build a robust gaming community. The #GameFi Holiday Mixer Pack Raffle offers a preview of how gaming and blockchain technology could combine in the future.

Finally, it’s a chance for crypto users and gamers to unite, celebrate, and take home some of the most sought-after trophies in Web3.

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