Jack Dorsey Doesn’t Like Ordinals Being on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Jack Dorsey, renowned for his role in leading the decentralized Bitcoin mining pool company Ocean, has found himself at the center of a discussion.

Surrounding the exclusion of Ordinals from the Bitcoin blockchain within the company’s recent update. Let’s explore why this could be happening.

Dorsey’s Decision: Ordinals Exclusion from Ocean’s Bitcoin Mining Pools

At the helm of Ocean, Jack Dorsey has been a vocal advocate for decentralization and the potential of blockchain technology to transform various industries. However, recent developments indicate a strategic decision to omit ordinals and tokens from Ocean’s Bitcoin mining pools, sparking conversations about the reason behind this move.

Firstly, it’s crucial to note Dorsey’s leadership in Ocean, a company at the forefront of developing decentralized Bitcoin mining pools. This positioning places him in a unique position to influence the direction of blockchain advancements. Including the types of transactions that are supported within the mining infrastructure.

Ocean’s Shift: Jack Dorsey and the Absence of BRC-20 in Bitcoin Mining Pools

The first point of contention arises from the fact that Bitcoin, in its original design, does not inherently support smart contracts or the creation of custom tokens. Bitcoin’s primary purpose has been as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, emphasizing security and simplicity. Dorsey’s involvement in Ocean, with a focus on decentralized Bitcoin mining pools, aligns with Bitcoin’s foundational principles.

Secondly, a notable update from Ocean has brought the exclusion of ordinals and tokens from its mining pools to the forefront. This move raises questions about the compatibility of such tokens with the Bitcoin blockchain and the strategic vision behind the decision. While Bitcoin remains the flagship cryptocurrency, its limitations may have influenced Ocean’s decision to streamline its operations. And maintain alignment with Bitcoin’s core principles.


Jack Dorsey’s leadership in Ocean and the recent exclusion of ordinals and BRC-20 tokens from its Bitcoin mining pools reflect a delicate balance between the principles of decentralization. Also, the technical limitations of existing blockchain infrastructures, and the evolving needs of the blockchain community.

While Dorsey has been a proponent of blockchain innovation, the focus has shifted towards maintaining the integrity of Bitcoin’s design. Within the specific context of decentralized mining pools.

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