Metamask's Latin American Expansion: Local Payments for Crypto

This move significantly widens digital asset access in Latin America, highlighting the region’s growing crypto interest and adoption.

Metamask’s integration with local payment systems is tailored to the financial ecosystems of each country.

Seamless Transactions Across Five Countries in LatAm

This will offer Metamask users a seamless and efficient way to purchase cryptocurrencies. Here’s how the process has been localized for users in each country:

  • Mexico: Users can utilize SPEI or STP, two popular electronic payment systems, to buy cryptocurrencies directly through Metamask. These widely used systems in Mexico facilitate secure, fast transfers, easing crypto access for Mexican users.
  • Colombia: In Colombia, the platform has integrated with PSE. This allows users to make secure online payments directly from their bank accounts to purchase cryptocurrencies.
  • Peru and Chile: For those in Peru and Chile, Metamask has partnered with Khipu, a payment service that simplifies bank transfers. Also, it allows traditional bank transfers for buying cryptocurrencies. This dual approach caters to a wider range of preferences among users in these countries.
  • Argentina: Argentinians can also benefit from Khipu for their crypto transactions. This will enable a straightforward way to convert their pesos into digital assets.

A Leap Forward for Crypto Adoption

This expansion by Metamask is not just a technical upgrade. It represents a significant leap forward in the adoption and normalization of cryptocurrencies in Latin America. Metamask’s use of local payment methods has made cryptocurrency more accessible, overcoming previous barriers for many potential users.

Moreover, this move coincides with a surge in cryptocurrency usage in Latin America, fueled by inflation, remittances, and a passion for digital innovation. Metamask’s integration with familiar payment systems positions it as a central figure in the growing Latin American crypto economy.


Metamask’s expansion across five Latin American countries highlights the region’s rising significance in the global crypto market. Metamask’s adaptation to local payments eases crypto access and boosts financial empowerment in the region.


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