Off the Grid: First Web3 Game on Xbox Store

As “Off the Grid” carves its path into the Xbox Store, its impact on the web2 gaming sector is poised to be profound and multifaceted. 

The inclusion of “Off the Grid”, the web3 game, in the Xbox Store signifies a bold step towards embracing decentralized technologies within the gaming industry.

Web3 Meets Xbox: A Gaming Milestone

Web3 games use blockchain for asset ownership, play-to-earn, and decentralized governance, offering a new gaming approach compared to web2. By welcoming ‘Off the Grid,’ the Xbox Store recognizes blockchain’s impact in gaming and introduces a new gaming dimension.

The impact of this integration on the web2 gaming sector is expected to be transformative for these reasons:

  • It challenges traditional gaming models. This is possible by introducing concepts of digital ownership and economic incentives. This could lead to a shift in how games are designed, developed, and monetized. As a result, the industry towards more player-centric models.
  • “Off the Grid’s” presence in the Xbox Store may catalyze a wave of innovation. As developers and platforms adopt web3 technologies to stay competitive and meet changing player expectations
More about Web3 Games

Immutable and Polygon have emerged as the leading platforms in the web3 gaming sector. With an impressive ~70% market share of on-chain gaming development.

Finally, their platforms are designed to offer developers the tools and infrastructure necessary to build immersive, secure, and scalable gaming experiences. This contributes to their widespread adoption.


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