Sulake & Immutable X

Social entertainment firm, Sulake, recently integrated layer 2 scaling solution platform, Immutable X.

According to the announcement, the integration will make it possible for Sulake to offer a premium NFT experience to its Habbo users. Immutable X is also currently the most sought-after NFT, L-2 scaling solution on the Ethereum Chain.

The integration is a step in the right direction for Sulake. This is an opportunity to improve the NFT experience for its Habbo users. At the time of writing, Sulake’s Habbo boasts of more than 500,000 active monthly users.

Why Immutable X?

Immutable X currently stands as the leading layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum. The integration will bring Sulake’s Habbo one step closer to achieving its goal of Web 3 relevance. Also, it will ensure that its users continue to enjoy a more inclusive platform. In fact, one that offers gas-free NFT trading that is also completely carbon neutral.

More on Sulake’s Habbo

Founded in 2000, Habbo is an off-shoot of the Sulake ecosystem. The platform provides game players with a fun and enabling environment. Therefore, helping to boost creativity, and uniqueness among game players in a safe virtual environment. Since its launch, Sulake’s Habbo has grown remarkably with its top-notch moderation system and its wide array of library content. Habbo also boasts of active community members from an estimated 150 countries.

To further build the Habbo ecosystem, Muumiopappa, jumped into the fast-rising NFT space with his 2021 Habbo NFT debut. This move and the recent partnership with Immutable X will usher Habbo closer to a Web 3 future. Muumiopappa, also known as Mika Timonen, is Habbo’s NFT game lead designer.

In 2021, Habbo launched over 10,000 NFTs. The NFTs were also sold out with 26 hours. After this amazing sale, the platform launched a celebratory NFT giveaway event. Giving out 1,000 avatars to its community members. Habbo avatars owners can also showcase their NFTs on top marketplaces like OpenSea. These avatars can also be used while gaming.

Habbo | Immutable X | Web 3

To further improve its Web 3 reach, Habbo is integrating a top-notch L-2 scalability solution, Immutable X. The integration will provide Habbo with sterling features like massive scalability, security, etc. Interestingly, NFTs minting and trading with also be gas-free.

Speaking on the integration, Muumiopappa spoke highly of the Immutable X platform. Disclosing that it is “[…] a great solution for our community members.”Adding that it also allows “[…] users to trade NFTs without having to pay exorbitant transaction fees.”

Immutable X focuses on a carbon-negative footprint. And it works to counteract any carbon footprint. To achieve this, Immutable X partners with climate-focused partners like Trace and Cool Effect. This focus on being climate-friendly also positively affects Habbo. Subsequently, making all of its NFTs carbon neutral.

Co-founder of Immutable X, Robbie Ferguson is also a major supporter of Habbo. In his own words, he said, “[…] There’s no company that has a better heritage claim to the metaverse.” He also added that Immutable was pleased to “[…] help them continue their two-decade commitment to player empowerment as they transition to their Web3 grand-plan.”

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