THORwallet Integrates Staking with Sui Network

THORwallet users can now directly stake their digital assets on the Sui Network from their wallets.

This offers a seamless and efficient way to engage with one of the industry’s most promising blockchain networks.

Seamless Staking Between THORwallet & Sui Network

The Sui Network, known for its high throughput and low latency, represents the cutting edge of blockchain. It offers a robust platform for developers and users alike, fostering an environment where decentralized applications can thrive. THORwallet’s integration with Sui Network broadens its services and boosts user engagement with DeFi opportunities.

Staking, vital to DeFi, lets users lock digital assets for rewards like tokens or interest. Staking enhances blockchain security and efficiency, offering a passive income source. The partnership between THORwallet and the Sui Network simplifies this process, making it more accessible for the average user.

The integration is poised to attract a wide range of users, from seasoned investors to newcomers in the crypto space. For seasoned investors, it offers a new avenue to diversify their staking strategies across different networks. Newcomers will see it as an accessible DeFi gateway, with THORwallet’s interface simplifying staking.

More About THORwallet

The era of receiving staking rewards in TGT is drawing to a close. THORwallet introduces a new reward system, offering stakers USDC rewards for greater stability and popularity in digital currency. This update comes alongside the deployment of the new staking system on the Arbitrum network, a move designed to leverage Arbitrum’s efficiency and scalability.

For users to participate in this revamped staking program and start accruing USDC rewards, they’ll need to bridge their TGT to the Arbitrum network. This transition signifies THORwallet’s commitment to enhancing the staking experience by aligning with user preferences for stability in its reward structure.


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