Top Crypto news - July's 3rd Week 2023.

The Paris-based Ethereum Community Conference, EthCC, happened this week and brought in more than 350 speakers and 5,000 attendees. 

The first top crypto news from this event was Vitalik’s deep dive into the history of account abstraction and how developers have been working on it even before the layer-1 blockchain network launched. The Ethereum co-founder discussed the latest Ethereum Improvement Proposal, which could allow users to create non-custodial wallets as programmable smart contracts. If successful, this upgrade could improve global Web3 adoption by making crypto wallets as easy to use as email accounts.

The Dawn of the Lens Protocol V2

Stani Kulechov, CEO of Aave Companies, announced the launch of V2 of Lens Protocol in a video. The upgrade to the Web3 product is intended to create a decentralized social networking ecosystem. The new version will include “open actions” that link on-chain elements to social content, making web3 experiences social. Kulechov emphasized that this would result in an internet that benefits everyone, with people-powered social networks where users have a say in future network development.

Source: Lens
Chainlink CCIP: The Gateway to Interlinked Blockchain Networks

Sergey Nazarov, Chainlink co-founder, discussed Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), which recently launched on the mainnet on the Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon blockchains. The launch of CCIP aims to focus on creating a “secure and reliable internet of contracts,” Nazarov noted. “The better the applications you build, the more attractive this whole blockchain thing will be, for all the people with money whether they’re big banks, individuals, or asset managers.”

UniswapX: A Quantum Shift in Crypto Trading Paradigms

Uniswap at EthCC, unveiled UniswapX, a new trading protocol. This avant-garde, open-source protocol is set to revolutionize crypto trading through its Dutch auction-inspired feature, ‘Dutch orders’, where a trade order’s price gradually declines until filled. It offers gas-free transactions, no-cost failed transactions, and protection against MEV to boot.

Starknet Appchains: Ushering in a New Era of Layer-2 Solutions

The L2 just announced the Starknet Stack will support deploying customizable appchains.
These application-specific blockchains enable developers to create bespoke chains with an impressive transaction per second (TPS) capacity, effectively bypassing network congestion.

Gnosis Pay + Gnosis Card

The Gnosis DAO just revealed  Gnosis Pay, a decentralized payment network, and Gnosis Card, a Visa debit card. The former seamlessly amalgamates Web3 with conventional payment modalities, while the latter enables direct links to on-chain, self-custodial wallets.

Mantle Mainnet Alpha

Mantle recently launched its mainnet alpha at EthCC. This rollout provides developers with a platform to create and test dapps. Mantle’s unique combination of transaction execution, Ethereum’s L1 for settlement, and EigenLayer for data availability, positions it at the forefront of the Ethereum scaling landscape.


Web3 has the potential to fix social media and consumer applications, Sriram Krishnan, general partner of a16z crypto, said during a keynote presentation. He believes now is the time to build “large-scale crypto consumer social media marketplace applications.”

Chris Lyons, general partner of web3 media at a16z, talked about “hiding the wires” and how that can be the biggest opportunity in crypto to grow to 100 million users.


Mirela Spasova, Reddit’s senior engineer manager for collectible avatars, shared the platform’s primary mission to onboard millions of users into digital collectibles like it did last year. Today Reddit has onboarded more than 8 million users to its wallets and digital collectibles and made over $1 million in revenue for 30 to 100 creators, she noted.


Finally, in the face of ongoing evolution and growth in the Ethereum ecosystem, the revelations from EthCC 2023 underscore Ethereum’s unyielding momentum. From DeFi to Web3 social, these innovations sketch a future abundant in Ethereum-powered growth and development. Let’s see how these announcements change the industry.

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