Top Crypto News: 03/05

After making a daily high of $50,098, Bitcoin underwent a correction and is now trading at $49,340. MicroStrategy, led by Michael Saylor, utilized this dip opportunity and accumulated another $10 million worth of Bitcoin to its portfolio. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,551.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

Fuse | MANTRA DAO Launches Liquidity Pool on FuseSwap

Fuse Network announced a further expansion of their partnership with the MANTRA DAO. Collaboratively, the team will launch a liquidity pool and rewards on FuseSwap. Besides running a validator node on Fuse, MANTRA DAO will launch an OM/USDC trading pool on FuseSwap. In addition, to boost the initial liquidity and trading, MANTRA DAO is adding $25,000 worth of USDC and OM tokens to the pool. Additionally, the team has plans to lead a dual reward liquidity mining program, which allows liquidity providers to earn rewards in both FUSE and OM tokens.

PAID Network | Polkacover Partnership To Boost DeFi and Crypto Insurance Marketplace

PAID Network partnered with the first decentralized DeFi and crypto ecosystem insurance marketplace, Polkacover. As per the tweet, Polkacover will upgrade its on-chain business agreements and crypto-specific company agreements by employing PAID Network’s DeFi-powered SMART Agreements and Arbitration facilities. Further, this will enhance the services, such as end-to-end automation of SMART Agreements payments, reduce insurance fraud, and more. Polkacover safeguards crypto, DeFi, and NFT asset users by offering various insurance products.

TheRundown Launches on-Chain U.S. Sports Results Employing Chainlink Node

TheRundown announces it is utilizing its own Chainlink node to provide on-chain U.S. sports results. Moreover, TheRundown is one of the leading providers of real-time odds, scores, stats, from the most popular sportsbooks, such as Pinnacle and Bookmaker, for sports such as the NFL, NBA, UFC, and more. Further, it provides extremely fast updates and odds comparison through its APIs. TheRundown will use Chainlink’s oracle to provide high-quality and reliable data directly to smart contracts to foster sports-based decentralized applications. Additionally, Chainlink oracles will empower and monetize their APIs by providing cryptographically signed sports odds, scores, stats, and more. These integrations will transform the blockchain-based sports markets and elevate them to the next level.

IOST Taps Polkadot To Develop Cross-Chain Bridge for Its Ecosystem

IOST partnered with Polkadot to establish a cross-chain bidge for its ecosystem. Polkadot connects new and legacy chains as well as networks via its relay chain, which facilitates the exchange of information and transactions between various independent blockchains. Therefore, this collaboration will create an IOST-DOT bridge with cross-chain DeFi capabilities. Besides this, IOST will enhance its multi-chain architecture utilizing DOTs parachain slots, dApps processing, and data services. Cross-chain technology is one of the emerging technologies in the blockchain industry. Hence, this union helps IOST’s dApps to connect with other blockchain network platforms, which prevents the necessity of having to migrate smart contracts.

Exeedme Teams up With UTRUST To Expand Crypto Payment Options for Gamers

Exeedme partnered with UTRUST to utilize its blockchain payments capabilities. The eSports market is in demand nowadays, and Exeedme is advancing this space by monetizing gamers’ skills. Further, to uplift this gaming space, the Exeedme platform is integrating the Utrust platform to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Initially, this gaming platform will accept BTC, ETH, USDT, and DASH, as well as have future plans to integrate the UTK token as payment. With the Utrust payment gateway, gamers will enjoy easy, fast, and secure top-up services.

AIOZ Decentralized Streaming Service Launches IDO on PAID Ignition Platform

In the last bit of crypto news, we have PAID Network’s Ignition platform, which is tapping a lot of IDOs on its launchpad. Adding to this, AIOZ, a decentralized streaming service, selected Ignition to launch its IDO. Moreover, the AIOZ Network is building a scalable content delivery solution to transform the current streaming space. It is creating a cost-effective, scalable, and faster video streaming ecosystem utilizing a decentralized CDN (content delivery network). In addition, users will also earn AIOZ tokens as rewards by employing the AIOZ app.

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