Top Crypto News: 09/16

After making a daily high of $48,575, Bitcoin is now trading at $48,044. Meanwhile, Ethereum is up 0.9% in the past 24 hours and is trading close to $3,581.

Let’s review some interesting crypto news stories in detail for the day.

1 – Apple App Store Blocked Gnosis Safe Wallet NFTs

The Apple App store has blocked a Gnosis Safe crypto wallet  for showing non-fungible tokens (NFT). As per the tweet, Apple is blocking the NFTs which are not purchased inside its app store. Gnosis Safe is a multi-sig crypto wallet which allows users to manage digital assets on Ethereum.

As per the Gnosis communication with Apple support, it was stated that any digital content bought outside the app store would not get access. Consequently, the apps which are not integrated with Apple payment methods are unable to provide any NFT-related services. Additionally, Apple also stated that crypto applications allowing NFTs should make them available as in-app purchases or remove the functionality from the applications.

2 – OpenSea Insider Trading of NFTs

Popular digital collectibles trading platform OpenSea has started an internal investigation after accusations of insider trading. As per the tweet, one of its top executives has been using inside knowledge to buy NFTs before they were featured on the marketplace.

OpenSea’s Head of Product, Nate Chastain, allegedly used confidential information to buy NFTs before they were promoted on the homepage and sold them at a profit. The team stated that it was conducting an immediate review of this incident. In addition, OpenSea banned its team members from buying or selling digital collectibles before they are featured or promoted on the platform and from using confidential information.

3 – hi Blockchain Is set to Launch Innovative Mobile Game With Prize Pool

hi Protocol has revealed the launch ofthe first hi blockchain game on mobile dubbed hi-Flyers. Users can participate in this game by holding the hi Dollars after completion of KYC. As stated, a new tournament starts every hour. Further, a member would pay one hi Dollar to participate in this game.

Notably, one hi Dollar will be charged for each new attempt. Out of all hi Dollars, paid by members, 50% goes into the prize pool while the other 50% are officially burned. In addition, at least 15 players are required in a tournament for a prize pool to be established. Otherwise, the hi Dollars that would have been used in this prize pool go into the next hour’s tournament. More details regarding this blockchain game can be found here.

4 – Demons Sale Coming Soon With Early Adopters’ Rewards Distribution

DeMonverse has declared the launch of its early adopters’ rewards distribution. As per the tweet, early buyers get cheaper NFTs while the price increases after certain checkpoints. The price of 3000 ZILs is decided for the first batch of NFTs, 6000 ZILs for the second batch, 9000 ZILs for the third batch, and 12000 ZILs for the final batch.

Notably, the team will randomly allocate the NFTs to the buyer as per the investment amount. The steps to be followed to participate in this sale are: a) connect ZilPay wallet, b) buy demon during the sale, c) admire the demon in Demon Jar, and d) level up.
DeMonverse strives to connect digital art and collectibles with the entire network set by both the creators and consumers. The DeMons NFTs use DeFi to yield the rewards. The owner has to hold and level up the NFTs to claim rewards (in the form of $DMZ). More details regarding these rewards can be found here.

5- Unmarshal Initiated the Buyback of $MARSH Worth $250,000

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have Unmarshal launching their Buyback program. Moreover, the team aims to purchase $MARSH tokens from the market every six months. Further, this would help to decrease the tokens already in circulation. In turn, this will boost the value, stability, and growth potential of the native token.

To kickstart this repurchase program, the team will utilize the entire revenue generated to date. Currently, this revenue amounts to $250,000 to purchase MARSH from the open market. Notably, this event takes place on September 30. In addition, over 60% of purchased tokens will be used for community benefits, such as token burns and staking prizes.

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