The majority of the cryptocurrencies are trading higher. Bitcoin stabilizes in the 61k region. Ethereum makes a new All-Time High with the fear and greed index in Greed.

Enjoy your Top Crypto News for the day.

1) CryptoPunk #9998 Sells for 532 Million Dollars

CryptoPunks are 10,000 unique collectibles on the Ethereum network. It is also one of the earliest NFTs on Ethereum. Cryptopunk #9998 makes history as it sells for 532 million dollars.


What is so special about #9998?

It is one of the

  • 3840 Female punks
  • 136 Wild White Hair punks 
  • 617 Black Lipstick punks
  • 382 Green Clown Eyes punks

2) Monsta Infinite Bridges 30% Circulating Supply

Monsta Infinite is a play-to-earn NFT game universe. It is an Axie Infinity-inspired game on Binance Smart Chain. $MONI is the in-game currency for Monsta.

In their recent tweet, Monsta announces taking out 30% $MONI out of circulation. The Monsta Chain now owns these $MONI tokens. That’s thanks to a bridge over to that chain. 

$MONI has a circulating supply of 12.9 million tokens. The token is available on PancakeSwap and One $MONI is trading near 2.5 dollars at the time of writing. It has a market cap of 35 million dollars. This bridge action takes almost 10 million dollars out of circulation.

3) Acknoledger IDO Live on Pancakeswap

AcknoLedger is a digital network across all the metaverses and gaming NFTs. It does 3 things:

  1. maps
  2. monetizes
  3. and distributes Web 3.0 assets.

It works as an indexer of NFTs so that anyone can access all the information in one place. 

Acknoledger completed an IDO on Pancakeswap on October 28, yesterday. $ACK is the native token of Acknoledger. $ACK is trading near $1.30 dollars and you can buy $ACK here.

Acknoledger is also integrating with Polygon.

4) BSC GameFi Expo Airdrop Ends Tomorrow

Binance Expo along with Coinmarketcap adds 3 more games to their airdrop list. MOBOX, Dragonary, and DSG metaverse are the fresh faces in the expo. 

You can read more about the airdrop on 60,000 dollars in respective tokens form the reward pool.

The third edition of the Binance Gamefi expo started on the 23rd of October. The expo is an opportunity to catch up with trending GameFi projects on Binance Smart Chain.

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