Another fantastic day in the crypto market. Bitcoin revisits the 64k region, while Ethereum trades at 4600 dollars. While the Fear and Greed Index shows Greed. 

Here is your Top Crypto News for the day.

1) Cronos Rewrites Records

Cronos is busy achieving milestones all month! This time with Total Value Locked and Transactions. Cronos has reached 500 million dollars TVL and 1 million transactions. 

Cronos  is the first Cosmos EVM chain for DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse. It helps to port apps from Ethereum Network and supports other EVM compatible chains. This helps massive DeFi scaling become possible. 

Cronos has also announced Cronos Gravity Bridge for Q4 of 2021. 


2) SubSocial Crowdloan 

Subsocial is a platform for decentralized social networking. It’s also censorship-resistant and offers various monetization methods.

$SUB is the native token of SubSocial. 

And the crowdloan rewards are as follows,

  • Reward: 150 $SUB Per $KSM
  • Reward pool: 16.5m of 100m (16.5%)
  • And 20% of crowdloan rewards will be readily available.

You can contribute to SubSocial Crowdloan here


3) BCM Hunt Partners Moonbeam

Blockchain Monster Hunt secures Moonbeam grant. The grant will help BCM Hunt to integrate with the Moonbeam network.

Testnet of the game is currently open and players can access the game through this link.

About Blockchain Monster Hunt

BC Monster Hunt is a blockchain game inspired by Pokémon-GO. The gameplay is quite like Pokémon-Go. Players can explore new locations on the blockchain to hunt monsters. Each block has a limited number of Monsters. Players battle for a chance to capture these unique Monsters and earn coins.

4) GemGuardian Mainnet

Play to earn NFT card game Gem Guardian has announced its mainnet. The mainnet will go live on 16th November 2021.

Gem Guardian is unique in many aspects.

It is one of the play to earn games with a minimal initial investment. You can buy a starter pack for 5 $GEMG. $GEMG is the native token of the Gem Guardian ecosystem. You can get $GEMG for 1.26 dollars in PancakeSwap and Mexc. 

Gem Guardian has a dual token economy. The governance token $GEMG is also launching on Quickswap Dex on the same day as the mainnet. Gem Guardian will launch the much-awaited NFT staking and card game also.

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