Top DeFi updates

Decentralized Finance is at the center of activities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. This fast-rising space has also experienced a massive influx of enthusiasts in recent times.

To keep our readers informed, we have published some of the top DeFi Updates that took place last week. These DeFi Updates include strategic partnerships, listings, etc. Also, SCV Finance is now a member of the Builders Program.

1. Chainlink Partners With YouHodler

Popular fintech platform YouHodler has partnered with renowned oracle platform Chainlink. The partnership will help YouHodler secure its crypto-backed loans. Therefore, increasing transparency, accuracy, and reliability of its pricing mechanisms.

The fintech platform currently supports more than 30 cryptos and tokens, including BTC, ETH, COMP, UNI, LTC, XLM, SUSHI, etc.

2. SCV. Finance Revamps as tofuNFT

Last week, the NFT Marketplace revealed plans to change its name to “tofuNFT.” The project, which was launched about nine months ago, facilitated innovation in the NFT and DeFi space. According to the platform, the name “tofuNFT” represents the simplicity and essence of the platform.

3. Rigel Protocol Launches its Gift Dapp

Last week, Rigel Protocol, a popular decentralized protocol, announced the launch of its Gift Dapp. The launch is in a bid to reward active community members of the protocol.

Therefore, participants had the opportunity to earn rewards as high as 100 $RGP tokens.

4. Alliance Block Partners with IX Swap

Popular blockchain-agnostic platform Alliance Block has partnered with IX Swap. The partnership is aimed at providing IX Swap with access to liquidity mining and data ownership solutions. Therefore, giving IX Swap the ability to expand its services.

5. SingularFarm | Fantom – Launch New SING/FTM Pool

Interested persons can now stake $SING/$FTM in the recently launched pool on SingularFarm. Moreover, stakers will earn double rewards of both $SING and $fWINGS on their stakings.

6. AntiMatter Partners With Terra

AntiMatter has gone live on the Terra Ecosystem. According to an official blog post, the partnership will facilitate the introduction of derivative services to Terra. Also, community members will have access to on-chain endless options.

7. Joins the Builder Program

Last week, announced that it had joined the Builders Program. Also, the platform which has been touted as the best NFT marketplace on BSC is planning to launch a multi-chain NFT marketplace.

8. Poly Network Goes Live on Arbitrum

Popular interoperability protocol, Poly Network is now live on Arbitrum. The partnership will help improve asset interoperability on the Poly Network. Therefore, it will be easier for Poly Network assets to move freely among multiple blockchains. Some of the supported chains include Polygon, HECO, BSC, Ethereum, BSC, etc.

9. AntiMatter Launches Perpetual Options Trading on BSC

AntiMatter has finally launched on the famous EVM ecosystem, Binance Smart Chain (BSC). According to the annoucement, BNB/USDT endless options also went live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

10. Bella Protocol Partners With Solv. Protocol

Finally, Bella Protocol recently announced a partnership with Solv Protocol. The partnership will help Bella issue vouchers on the Solv protocol. Partnering with Solv is a step in the right direction for Bella and its proposed foray into the NFT space.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the latest top DeFi Updates.

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