Unmarshal Releases AI-Powered Chatbot to Help Navigate Web3

Leading Web3 data network, Unmarshal, has launched a new AI-powered chatbot. It’s called Unmarshal Sakhi. This product will redefine how people engage with the blockchain.

This AI tool was created with the best possible user experience in mind with a smooth and user-friendly interface. Let’s see more about Unmarshal Sakhi.

What is Unmarshal Sakhi?
Unmarshal Sakhi is an AI tool that will let web3 users explore and easily understand how blockchain works.  The Web3 space is undoubtedly complex and difficult for a first-timer. There are different sectors that exist in Web3. And the thousands of projects that saturate it. So, a service like Unmarshal Sakhi comes in handy as a solution to the complexity problem.
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Unmarshal Sakhi isn’t like regular bots developed by most projects. It leverages the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). This way, it produces intelligent outcomes that the user can easily understand by anyone.
AI and Blockchain to Power the New Era with Unmarshal Sakhi
AI has been the talk of the world since the launch of ChatGPT 3.5. But, the integration of AI, Machine Learning (ML), and NLP has created a whole new level of possibilities. Projects with these features will be in high demand during the next bull run. Interestingly Unmarshal Sakhi effectively uses these technologies in its service.
Per an official report, Unmarshal Sakhi will first release Parser, an automated smart contract indexer, in the first phase of its rollout. Parser enables users to ask smart contract-related queries and get answers in the form of lists or graphs.
Source: Unmarshal
Sakhi provides instant insights using natural language search queries. It achieves this regardless of how complex the task or query is. This includes retrieving Uniswap Analytics for a given period, discovering top traders for $MARSH, or investigating recent transactions on BNB.
Unmarshal, via Sakhi, will empower users of all technical levels. This new tool will make blockchain technology available to everyone. Sakhi operates with modern AI features. But it is also simple enough for users of all skill levels to get around the blockchain ecosystem.
About Unmarshal
Unmarshal is a data network that is changing how we access blockchain data. The project provides developers with specific, trustworthy, and real-time data. This enables them to create DeFi applications, NFTs, etc. Unmarshal covers a wide range of Web3 data. It has access to over 25 blockchains. This includes prominent chains like Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and many more.

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