Top 3 crypto chatgpt plugins

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To use these crypto chatgpt plugins, you need to have a paid subscription to ChatGPT and get into the plugin store.

1) CCData

CCData is a plugin that provides ChatGPT with a rich knowledge base of contextual commonsense data. You can use it to get:

  • Get one-day intervals of detailed index candlestick data, including open, high, low, and close values.
  • Get the most recent crypto industry news articles from all sources.
  • Detailed information about the latest Ethereum block, among other things.

With this crypto ChatPGT plugin, anyone can access the latest crypto prices for its CCIX index, with news aggregated by (formerly You can use the API to get from any Digital Asset to any fiat currency and vice-versa. Also used for all the latest news from the crypto industry.

CCData chatgpt plugin

Source: Twitter

It’s in beta right now, but you can talk to it here.

2) SIC

SIC, or Source Integration for Credibility, is a plugin designed to equip ChatGPT with enhanced fact-checking and information validation capabilities. SIC let users:

  • See crypto balances and values for an ETH wallet.
  • See current and historical prices for Ethereum’s assets.
  • See similarities between smart contracts and token standards, among others.

With this ChatGPT plugin, you can explore prices, accounts, and transactions on blockchains, starting with Ethereum.

sic chatgpt plugin

Source: LinkedIn

It’s in beta right now, but you can talk to it here.

3) DeFillama

With the DeFillama ChatGPT plugin, anyone can:

  • Have a detailed summary of each blockchain, including current and historical protocol data, and rankings protocols by TVL gain, loss, and growth, among others.
  • Have current and historical data of protocol’s fees, with the ranking top performances filtered by time period.
  • Have current and historical data of each protocol’s revenue, among many other web3 indicators.

chatgpt defillama plugin

This ChatGPT plugin is already working.

The introduction of plugins like CCData, SIC, and DeFillama represents a significant advancement in enhancing the capabilities of ChatGPT. We are sure, there will be many other crypto ChatGPT plugins coming in.

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