Unveiling the KyberSwap Exploiter: A Demand for Control

This audacious move includes temporary full authority over the governance mechanism and access to sensitive company information. Also, the surrender of all assets, and a promise to transform Kyber into an entirely new project.

In this article, we delve into the details of this unprecedented demand for the KyberSwap Exploiter. Also, the implications it holds for Kyber Network and the ecosystem.

The KyberSwap Exploiter’s Demands

The KyberSwap exploiter’s demands are both extensive and ambitious. The key elements of the demand include:

  1. Complete Executive Control: The exploiter is pushing for absolute control over Kyber Network’s executive functions. Seeking dominance over decision-making processes within the organization.
  2. Ownership of Governance Mechanism (KyberDAO): Temporary full authority over KyberDAO, the decentralized governance mechanism, is requested. This power would enable the exploiter to enact legislative changes and shape the future trajectory of Kyber Network.
  3. Access to Sensitive Information: The demand extends to the surrender of all documents and information related to KyberSwap. This includes structure, operation, finances, assets, and investors. This encompasses both on-chain and off-chain assets.
  4. Complete Asset Surrender: The exploiter is calling for the surrender of all Kyber assets. This includes shares, equity, tokens (both KNC and non-KNC), partnerships, blogs, websites, servers, passwords, code.
  5. Executives Buyout: The exploiter promises a fair valuation for executives as they are bought out of the company. This signals a leadership change with the existing management’s potential departure.
  6. Employee Welfare: Employees under the new regime are promised a doubling of their salaries. Those choosing to leave will receive a 12-month severance with full benefits and assistance in finding new career opportunities.
  7. Token Holders and Investors Transformation: The exploiter pledges to revitalize the value of Kyber tokens, transforming them into assets of significance. Furthermore, Kyber is promised to undergo a complete makeover. His goal is to transform KyberSwap from the 7th most popular DEX into an entirely new project.
  8. Rebate for Liquidity Providers (LPs): LPs will receive a rebate on 50% of the losses they incurred during recent market-making activities. The exploiter acknowledges this may be less than expected but asserts it is more than deserved.

Implications and Reactions

The KyberSwap exploiter’s demands have sparked intense discussions within the crypto community. The implications of such a takeover extend far beyond Kyber Network itself. The audacity of the demands raises questions about the exploiter’s intentions and the potential impact on the DEX landscape.

Executives, employees, token holders, investors, and liquidity providers all face critical decisions as they weigh the potential benefits and risks of acquiescing to the exploiter’s demands. The promise of a fair buyout for executives, improved working conditions for employees, and the potential transformation of Kyber may entice some stakeholders. While others may resist what appears to be a forced overhaul of a well-established platform.


The KyberSwap exploiter’s demands have thrust Kyber Network into the spotlight. Shedding light on the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by decentralized exchanges in the crypto space. As stakeholders grapple with the implications of these demands, the crypto community watches closely to see how this unprecedented situation unfolds. Whether Kyber Network will succumb to the exploiter’s vision or resist the call for a radical transformation.

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