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Vault Hill is an extended reality blockchain-based Metaverse. It was created to make users feel more human.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya Baidya, anchored the Vault Hill AMA session on our Telegram channel with Nick Merritt, Vault Hill’s Head of Operations.

Moreover, below is a recap of the AMA session with Nick Merritt to understand what they are about. Besides, the AMA is in three segments: introduction, deep dive, and community questions and answers.

Segment 1: Introduction to Vault Hill

Background Information
Q – Tell Us About Vault Hill and What Are You Building?

Vault Hill is a blockchain-based human-centric virtual world (sometimes called a Metaverse – but for us, the Metaverse is much bigger than virtual worlds) designed to enhance the human experience through augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR).

Vault Hill’s ecosystem comprises the Vault Hill City (VHC) which is the virtual world, the NFT marketplace which will be fully decentralized, avatars with wearables, and XR consulting. Therefore, we want to give users various product options/features to explore on our platform which you rarely see in other projects.

Hence, our mission is to revolutionize the extended reality (XR) experience by creating a constructive virtual world/metaverse that focuses on the basic human instincts which allow users, content creators, and developers to explore their unrestricted creative freedom whilst monetizing their creation in a secure ecosystem.

Q – Give Us a Little Background About Your Team. Where Is the Team-Based?

The team is super talented and diverse in terms of skills, background, and location. I am so proud to work with them and alongside them. We seek talent from all over the world and are always on the lookout.

I am based in London, England; the Founder/CEO Jimi is in Dubai. We have a full team in Dubai, London, and Lagos. Also, we have small teams in Portugal, Newcastle (England), Egypt, and Romania. We are still recruiting and building the team and are talking to candidates in Asia, and India.

Segment 2: Deep Dive

More Information About Vault Hill
Q – You have mentioned the Mission of Vault Hill. Can you elaborate more on what XR is and how can Technology stimulate basic human instincts within a Metaverse?

XR (extended reality) is the blend of VR (virtual reality) and Augmented Reality (AR). We are building Vault Hill to leverage these technologies. Lots of other virtual worlds are made on PC – which is excellent as it has a much bigger audience, but it loses the VR element of being “in the Metaverse”, which is the whole point.

Moreover, Vault Hill is designed around 7 of the 16 basic human instincts. These are the things that make you and me. Sometimes we need to top these up to make us feel more human. The 7 we have built VHC around are:

  • Play
  • Curiosity
  • Vitality
  • Romance
  • Community
  • Idealism
  • Imagination

Therefore, users in our Metaverse will be able to perform various activities ranging from interacting with other community members, building romantic connections, playing games, curating arts, hosting and attending events, improving health and wellness, exploring their fantasies, and acquiring digital assets.

Our vision at Vault Hill is simple yet profound – to revolutionize XR such that it enhances human experiences because we truly believe that the Metaverse is the future of connecting people. And as such we have a duty of care to everyone in and around Vault Hill.

We want to transform how people engage with XR. Instead of making us feel less human and less connected, XR technology can be used to make us feel more in tune with our emotions, and ultimately more alive.

So, we made it a mission to change the stereotype by infusing humanity and our community at the heart of our product.

Q – What is the Metaverse?

So the Metaverse is a concept, an iteration of the internet. If you reflect on what we are seeing already, that iteration is becoming apparent. The difference between web2 and web3 – at a high level is that web2 was about data sharing and web3 is about being inside the internet, and owning a part of that.

If you look at some of the early virtual worlds, they are only extending the gaming market which is our reference point for “being inside the internet”. Whether that be Fortnite, Ready Player One, or the book A brave new world. With that in mind, we have to accept that VR and Virtual worlds will only be an access point to the Metaverse, rather than the Metaverse itself.

How Do You Differentiate Your Business?

At Vault Hill we have taken our strategy and vision seriously and have built a user-centric world by starting with the core value of the world.

We believe in a world where there is freedom of choice, where a vision of mutuality, respect, and opportunity is the ethos shaping our interactions. We believe in living in a world where everyone can be their authentic selves, a world of excitement, fulfillment, and possibility. As builders of a virtual world – we are driving these beliefs through the product we are building for you, our community. This allows us to build a product line and world around this our “offering”.

We create this by understanding what makes us human. Those are the basic instincts that define you and me. These instincts are the core of our existence and shape how we view and interpret the world we live in. By creating a platform that brings together these basic human instincts, we’re fulfilling the utopia we all desire – our desire to be creative, exploratory, and fully immersed in a world without judgment. This also drives our product line:

Also, we have built 4 Islands each aligned to what defines our humanity and understanding of the world. Each island consists of 7 districts themed after different basic human instincts namely – Play, Vitality, Romance, Curiosity, Imagination, Community, and Idealism.

Moreover, besides enhancing the human experience, the islands also present investment opportunities, a chance to buy a piece of the web, to be involved in changing the world, as well as, a new way to connect your brand and community to new markets in form of NFTs.

Q – What different phases do you need to build a state of art Metaverse? And what phase of development are you currently in?

Metaverse building is very different from any business I have worked in or for, before. If you look at the component pieces there are so many elements that need to be brought together (and I think that this will answer your tech question, too).

Also, there is the blockchain element, we have built on ETH and bridged that to polygon and minted our Token here. We took the decision to fix the scaling problem. Then, there is the security and trust element to this; being human-centric we have had all of our smart contracts and our blockchain dev work certified.

Therefore, once you have the “back-end” of the development done there is the “front-end”. So we are building our world in Unreal engine. We decided to do this as the quality matches our ambition. We want to be human-centric, so we need a world that looks beautiful.

Also, there is the navigation element, we have designed VHC around 7 districts, which span across four islands. On top of this, there is an access and buying element, which is where we are today. The Team is developing two big landmarks:

  • Getting our marketplace ready to allow our community to purchase land (this is on Thursday).
  • Getting ready to release to the public our world. We are on target for the initial launch of our land in July 2022. The Launch will have a few phases, broadly allowing us to release the first sub-island of District Play. We decided to release just a portion of the world to ensure that everything works with a large user base. We will then launch all of District Play and District Vitality shortly after.

Segment 3: Community Questions and Answers

Moreover, for this segment, the five best questions shared $500 $USDT. One of the questions is as follows:

Q.Twitter – Would you explain to us more about the use cases for your Virtual Land and how we can profit from them? Can I obtain more benefits if I have more land? Are these NFTs just tradeable with their VHC token, or you can exchange it with other currencies like the VLAND token?

We have four land types. Standard, Premium, Dulux, and Exclusive. These land types allow you to buy each individual or a cluster. If you buy a whole cluster, you can build a huge building of several smaller ones on your land.

In addition, anyone can run a business on land, (we have already partnered with companies Metazone, being one) where you can import buildings and utility into VHC. We will be releasing our no-code builder tool soon, too. This will allow people/users/community members to build their structures.

Initially, we are launching with just $VHC purchases for the land but will review, of course. Can’t be human-centric if we don’t take on feedback, there is more on the medium article I shared above, but this is the abridged version.

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