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Polygon ecosystem doesn’t seem to be slowing down as it continues to record the integration of blockchain.

Agri10x is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence and blockchain-enabled global e-marketplace connecting farmers with traders. This platform has announced a strategic partnership with Polygon. Let’s discover more about the Agri10x-Polygon alliance.

According to the announcement, the integration will give a facelift to the agriculture sector while utilizing blockchain technology.

Therefore, Agri10x noted that Polygon scaling solution would benefit the agriculture sector at the grassroots level fast-track.

Also, the Polygon-Agri10x integration will let the company overcome current scalability hurdles without compromising on security. In addition, the integration will provide compatibility and flexibility to the global e-marketplace platform.

On the other hand, Pankaj Ghode, co-founder and CEO of Agri10x, delighted with the new partnership. He said that the integration would boost the agricultural sector globally as well as facilitate Agri10x growth.

According to reports, he said: “We are pleased to collaborate with the Polygon team and look forward to working together. Our strengths combined with their expertise will help streamline the supply chain process and offer strong support to our expansion plans.”

Blockchain Technology Will Benefit The Farming Industry

Sundeep Bose, Agri10x CTO & co-founder, also expressed happiness with Polygon integration. Bose explained that the Agri10x-Polygon integration would provide farmers, at the grassroots level, with faster and more cost-efficient delivery services.

Also, Agri10x revealed that it chose Polygon due to its user’s flexibility, scalability, and low transaction fees. On the other hand, the platform said that integration is part of its worldwide expansion strategy beyond India.

Meanwhile, Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, also lauded the partnership. “We are impressed with how fast Agri10x has become India’s leading e-marketplace and post-harvest solution provider. We are delighted that Agri10x has chosen Polygon to help bring digital transformation to the farming community,” he noted.

$MATIC Price

Polygon’s token, $MATIC, has shown minimal upwards momentum in recent weeks despite all of the increased activity and adoption of the platform.

At the time of writing, $MATIC was trading down 4.8% on the day at USD 1.50. Currently, the market cap is USD 10,068,976,838 and the 24-hour trading volume is USD 994,371,179.

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