Big Day! KuCoin Lists Polkadex (PDEX)

KuCoin, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges concluded yet another successful Spotlight event on April 15, 2021. The subscription of Polkadex (PDEX), the ninth Spotlight token sale event ended at 00:00:00 on April 16, 2021 (UTC). Interestingly, the token sale will operate using the Proportional Distribution Model. It is a brand-new distribution mechanism that will help KuCoin distribute 100,000 PDEX among qualified users.

According to the official blog, the PDEX Spotlight Token Sale Price will be 2 USDT. However, at the time of press, PDEX price has surged over 1444% and is trading close to $30.89. Impressively, PDEX recorded an all-time high of 120x in the last 24-hours.



Furthermore, the distribution of PDEX will happen between 8 to 9 am UTC on April 16, 2021. In this distribution window, the qualified users need to maintain a minimum of 10 KCS in their trading account. That’s because to distribute the corresponding amount of PDEX, KuCoin needs to deduct a corresponding amount of KCS from the qualified users’ trading account.

Kucoin PDEX

If Kucoin is able to deduct the corresponding KCS successfully, the user’s trading account will immediately receive the PDEX. Otherwise, they will lose eligibility for the PDEX purchase in this event.

World Premiere Listing Event!

Polkadex (PDEX) is yet another great project coming to KuCoin. PDEX, the native Polkadex token is now available for trading KuCoin as a PDEX/USDT pair. At the time of press, the PDEX deposits and trading are in effect. However, the PDEX withdrawal will come into effect from April 19, 2021. The official blog states, “The price of KCS for purchase is now fixed at the average of every hourly open price from 00:00:00 to 24:00:00 on April 15, 2021 (UTC).”

According to @adouble212, Former Head of Business Intelligence for a Fortune 500 company, KuCoin is making a great comeback by listing gems like PDEX.


Super Impressive Spotlight Project performance

As KuCoin concludes yet another successful KuCoin Spotlight sale event, let us take a closer look at the performance of its last 8 Spotlight projects.  According to the details shared by @happyblock, the average open gain of the last 8 Spotlight projects has been over 160%. If that does not impress you enough, how about the all-time high gains averages out to be over 2,600%.


Polkadex – The most anticipated project of 2021 – Why?

Polkadex is building a non-custodial high-frequency trading decentralized exchange. This is expected to be a DeFi game changer. Furthermore, it promises to be a DEX designed for both professional and retail traders. In addition to that, it packages the convenience and speed of centralized exchanges and security of DEXs into Polkdex.

After months of building the product, the project has finally caught a lot of attention with its token being world premiered on KuCoin. According to Gautham J., CEO Polkadex, the token generation event will give the community an opportunity to participate in the governance of the Polkadex network. And that is very important as the exchange aims to solve high transaction fees and front-running issues of the traditional DEXs. Along with that, it will benefit the Polkadex users by supporting:

  • feeless transactions with verifiability
  • opportunities for high-frequency trading
  • Trading bots and more

To celebrate the listing, KuCoin also conducted a 50 $PDEX giveaway. The name of the winner might be announced while you are reading this!


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