Everything About the Upcoming Icon.X World IDO

EnjinStarter’s got its engines revved up! Today, we’re looking at its new upcoming IDO for Icon.X World, an exciting Web3 racing game. So strap up and get ready for the ride. 

What is Icon.X World?

Icon.X World is an esports Web3 racing game. Its main focus is on simulation racing. With Web3, Icon.X World hopes to make simulation racing accessible to the masses. But aside from just gaming, the project also focuses on the following:

  • Economic aspects of racing.
  • Sponsorships.
  • Team integrations.
  • Rankings.
  • Cash prizes, and more.

With its native $ICNX token, the game is imbued with a Compete-and-Earn model as well. This incentivizes players on the Icon.X World game to play at their best.

Key Metrics and Token Generation Event (TGE) Details
  • IDO Platforms: EnjinStarter
  • Website: https://www.iconx.world/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/iconxworld
  • Launch date:
    • Register Interest Period: 3 AM UTC, 1 Feb 2024 to 3 AM UTC, 3 Feb 2024
    • IDO: 5 Feb 2024
    • GAP round: 9 AM UTC, 6 Feb 2024 to 9 AM UTC, 7 Feb 2024
    • FCFS round: 1 PM UTC, 7 Feb 2024 to 1 PM UTC, 8 Feb 2024
  • Initial Supply: 2,350,000 $ICNX
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 $ICNX
  • Initial Market Cap: $178,000
  • Total Raise: $1,420,000
  • Vesting: 15% unlock at TGE, then 6 months linear vesting
  • EnjinStarter 3-day Optional Refund

Why Will We Participate in Icon.X World’s IDO?

As an in-game token, $ICNX has a wide range of utilities. This means that the game’s success will likely lead to an increase in the price of $ICNX. These use cases include access to:

  • Events and prize pools.
  • Car customization.
  • Race passes.
  • Staking for revenue share.

To add on, Icon.X World has a strong Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). As of now, its DAO comprises 12 professional E-sports teams. And, the game has got a thought-out economy. 40% of Icon.X World’s revenue goes to the DAO, along with a portion of $ICNX staking rewards. These are re-distributed to the racers and stakers of $ICNX.

Icon.X World is launching at a relatively low market cap. Hence, we’re hoping to catch some multipliers with its $ICNX token.

How to Participate in Enjinstarter
  • Follow the IDO guide. Try to stake more $EJS for a higher token sale allocation. For staking tier benefits, refer to the guide here.


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