Playbux Offers a Fair Community Offering (FCO) on February 21st

Playbux is one of the leading entertainment platforms on the BNB chain. It has two big backers. One is Binance Labs, which is like a massive sign of approval in crypto. The other is Visa. This brand doesn’t need an introduction. The platform offers various ‘Earn options’ as well.

However, the big news is the FCO pre-sale on Raiser. That’s a Fair Community Offering for community members to buy the token. So, let’s take a closer look at what Playbux is and what their pre-sale on Raiser is all about.

What Is Playbux?

Playbux is active in the metaverse. So, we’re also talking about NFTs here. As already mentioned, Binance Labs included the project in its incubation program. That’s a very solid sign of approval. Only top-notch and vetted programs make it into this incubation program. Visa added Playbux to its Asia Pacific 2023 accelerator program. So, that’s a solid endorsement, too.

Meanwhile, Playbux has 400k followers on X (Twitter). This includes 200k new followers in just the last month. There’s also a Quest with a tier 1 exchange imminent. If you like to find out more about Playbux and their FCO, listen to this AMA. It had well over 110k impressions with 2.4k likes. 

You can now join their FCO live on Raiser. There are 10 million $PBUX up for grabs and an extra 30,000 USDT in a lotto jackpot. You have until the 21st of February to start completing tasks in the FCO program. 

What Is the Fair Community Offering (FCO) on Raiser?

By completing the FCO tasks, you can secure an early allocation. But that’s not all, you can also get exclusive pre-listing access. The ways to do this are easy and straightforward. You need to follow a few simple steps. For instance,

  • Complete quizzes
  • Spread the word about Playbux
  • Create unique Playbux content
  • Invite friends

For each referral, you earn 10 lotto tickets. Your friends must complete the 5 tasks listed below.

  1. Sign up for the Playbux account. 
  2. Login with X. 
  3. Follow Playbux’s X. 
  4. Repost Playbux on X.
  5. Claim Lotto Tickets. 

After completing these steps, you will receive PBUX.

The Playbux FCO on Raiser is live for the next 3 weeks. This offering has an interesting allocation. There’s an 80% merit-based allocation and a 20% lottery allocation. This way there’s fairness included, combined with a bit of luck. 

This FCO is the first time such a system is in place. Its design offers a balanced playing field. As already mentioned, the idea is simple. You receive rewards for your efforts, and it also introduces chance.  

At its core is a merit-based allocation. It rewards your engagement through an Experience Points System. Here’s the simple part. The more you engage, the higher your chances are for a larger allocation. Moreover, everyone gets a lottery ticket just for joining. So, this allows everyone to have a chance to win. That jackpot is waiting and there will be a lucky winner.

So, to sum this part up. Save the date, the 21st of February. To increase your allocation, engage in tasks, collect points, and tickets. This increases your chance in both the merit-based and lottery allocations. Now, don’t hesitate and start doing tasks and collecting points and tickets. This way you can move up in the leaderboards for the task-based and lottery parts. Keep in mind that there’s no need to buy a token. Everyone can take part in this Public Sale on Raiser.


Source: Playbux website


Playbux brings the first-ever FCO or Fair Community Offering to crypto. As one of the leading entertainment platforms on the BNB chain, they offer a novel public sales idea. You have until the 21st of February to engage in their FCO and complete social media tasks. Another good way to climb the ranks is by referring your friends. There are 10 million PBUX and 30,000 USD up for grabs.



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