Charity organization, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) a humanitarian and developmental assistance provider to children and mothers in developing countries is asking not for money, but for people to donate part of their computer’s power to let them mine cryptocurrency.

UNICEF Australia calls this, The Hopepage. For these donations, you would be able to set what percentage of computer processing power you’re willing to donate. This will start at 20% and then max at 80%.

The longer the donating party stays on the page, the more processing power is donated, more algorithms get solved and cryptocurrency is earned.

While this process has potential to bring a lot of good to UNICEF, the project did have some naysayers. Critics of the project have said the effort is wasteful, not to mention the wear and tear it puts on a personal computer.

Even with some criticism, UNICEF stands behind their project.

The Hopepage states that mining is safe for a personal computer and if at any time there is worry about the power being consumed, the donator can turn down the processing power.

Once the cryptocurrency is mined the funds are donated automatically to UNICEF Australia. UNICEF then turns the cryptocurrency into fiat. This money will help children by purchasing supplies like clean drinking water, food, and vaccinations.

The Hopepage so far has received over 5,000 donations since it’s launch.

UNICEF also welcomes other charitable donations. Instructions on how to donate can be found on their website.


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