New NFT Mint Projects Week of 10/23

Starting with The Tower, minting tomorrow, here are 5 projects dropping this week to keep your eyes on and invest in if they interest you! Spanning metaverse plays and pfp plays as well as hand-drawn and rendered artwork there should be something here for everyone! Here are the new NFT Mints for the week.

Retrowave Deer

Mint Date: October 23rd @ 10pm UTC
NFT Mint Cost: Ξ0.05 + gas
Total Supply: 7777
Retrowave Discord

First, Retrowave Deer is a pfp project with a promised retro game integration. With no presale and a game promised after 100% sell-out, as well as over 23k members in the Discord, this is a project with profit potential. Integrating a retro 80s style into both the game and art itself, as well as current pop culture references, there is a Deer for everyone! The Discord server has grown at an insane pace, hitting its current member count in just a few weeks, showing the excitement the community has for this project.

There is reason to proceed with caution though. Projects that fail to attach actual names and identities to the project’s developers and instead use aliases should be bought with caution. There is nothing stopping these projects from rug pulling and moving on to their next scam. Remember to always do your own research!
Rating: 4/10

The Tower

Mint Date: October 24th @ 5pm UTC
NFT Mint Cost: Fair Launch Protocol Bidding 1-2 SOL
Total Supply: 10,000
Tower Discord

One of the coolest projects dropping next week is the shareable, Solana metaverse project that moves away from the traditional pfp play. Ideal for Twitter Headers, as opposed to pfps, Residences in The Tower, allows you to:

  • fully personalize your profile
  • share individual Residences with your friends!
  • trade in your Residence for a set of keys that will give you, your friends or the open market access to that Residence.

Use these Residences to build communities within the Solana ecosystem. A truly innovative project with many use cases in the future, this is a project to keep your eyes on.
Rating 8.5/10

Fud Society

Mint Date: October 24th @9pm
NFT Mint Cost: Ξ0.09 + gas
Total Supply: 2000 Presale, 9999 Total
FUD Society Discord

FUD, otherwise known as “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt”, is a popular term used in the crypto community. Not only does FUD Society integrate a term and idea that’s popular in the community, but they also did it in a cool generative art style that has a similar feel to that of Cool Cats and Doodles. Use this pfp to not only represent your battle against FUD in the community but also collect 10 $FUD tokens daily by holding your FUD NFT. These tokens can be exchanged for ETH and $FUD items in the planned Sandbox lot!

This drop will probably sell out quickly. There is still time to get in on the whitelist so head over to their discord and enter the contests to win a spot!
Rating: 7/10

The Modz

Mint Date: Public sale October 25th
NFT Mint Cost: Ξ0.05
Total Supply: 5500
The Modz Discord

Another pfp drop with a new spin on the Metaverse, The Modz are targeted to “Hypebeast, Fashion Killers and Trendhoppers”. Boasting 21k members in their discord server, and 8k on Twitter, this 3D style pfp project has a limited supply of only 5555 available. The project team has promised plenty of giveaways and Metaverse integration, as well as airdrops in the future. With only half the supply of the average project, look for these to go pretty quick when the mint starts.
Rating 5/10


Mint Date: Public sale October 27th
Mint Cost: Ξ0.088 + gas
Total Supply: 8888
EtherTroopers Discord

A very interesting project dropping next week is the Star Wars or Destiny-esque, Ethertroopers. Coming with a scheduled roadmap with both events and airdrops planned within the next few months, this team has a realistic roadmap with cool rewards. In addition, Ethertroopers are planning to create augmented reality versions of each NFT so you can bring yours into the physical world. Finally, the team is planning a utility token that will be used within the planned Play 2 Earn game. Currently, the discord server has 46k members and 7.5k followers on Twitter, and with a long-term road map, this project has serious potential.
Rating 7.5/10

What did I miss? Are there any projects coming out that you are excited about? Drop a comment below for projects that should be covered next!

Remember to do your own research, make your own decisions and invest in projects that interest you!

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