Animverse IDO LuaStarter

According to cryptorank,  LuaStarter has a very attractive ATH ROI of 15.15x, along with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.22 million and a market cap of $7.35 million.

LuaStarter supports TomoChain, Ethereum, and BCS Chain where its flexibility lets any kind of investor participate in its IDOs. Also, investors can bridge, swap, farm, have on-chain limit orders, and access portfolio management tools.

Moreover, LuaStarter has participated in launching many important projects, and Animverse is one of them. Therefore, in this article, you will discover why you should keep an eye on this P2E game and how you can get involved via LuaStarter.

Discover Animverse, A P2E Game Inspired by Dragon Ball and Naruto

Animverse is an MMORPG game that mixes the gameplay of very famous animes/mangas with blockchain technology. Imagine having fun playing a game like Dragon Ball or Naruto and earning NFTs/tokens at the same time. This model will reward players and creators properly.

Animverse P2E game

Source: Animverse

Characters in this P2E metaverse game can have different items, represented by NFTs, such as weapons, armor, accessories, which have their features. Therefore, each character can have different combinations with unique values.

Moreover, each character can upgrade their levels by using in-game tokens or NFTs. In addition, according to its roadmap, there will be a box selling event, IDO/DEX listing, and public sale in April 2022. You can look at the other milestones in the picture below:

animverse roadmap

Source: Animverse

On the other hand, Animverse has a diversified and experienced team including advisors specializing in gaming, blockchain, security, and designing sectors. Also, this P2E metaverse game has prestigious investors like BSC Station, VB Ventures, Vitex Capital, among others.

It’s important to mention that ANM is the native token of Animverse. It will be used to trade NFTs, farm, mint, and upgrade item boxes, auction planets and earn rewards.

What is Animberse IDO About?

According to the announcement, the Animverse IDO staking deadline is on March 30th (9 am UTC). The IDO will be open on April 2nd (9 am UTC) and close on April 3rd (9 am UTC) on the LuaStarter launchpad. On the other hand, the token claim time (TGE) will be on April 5th (2 pm UTC).

The price of the ANM token will be $0.025 with a total IDO supply of 2.4 million. Also, the total raise in this IDO will be $60,000 BUSD. And the total supply of this BEP-20 token is 1 billion. 1 ANM = 0.025 BUSD.

Finally, the $ANM tokens sold in this IDO will be vested by the following schedule:

  • TGE: 25% (April 5, 2022 | 2:00 PM UTC)
  • Vesting 1: 25% (June 5, 2022 | 2:00 PM UTC)
  • 2nd Vesting: 25% (July 5, 2022 | 2:00 PM UTC)
  • Vesting 3: 25% (August 5, 2022 | 2:00 PM UTC)
How to Participate in Animverse IDO on LuaStarter

To participate in Animverse IDO on LuaStarter, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Connect your wallet to LuaStarter. You have to switch to the BNB Chain via Metamask or WalletConnect. You also have to fill out your email to register with the IDO.
  2. Qualify for a Tier: First, you need to stake LuaStarter’s native token, LUA, in the LUA-TOMO pool (On TomoChain or Ethereum) for at least 3 days before the IDO. This is the only way to have a secured allocation. LuaStarter has a 4-level tier system:
  • Earth – 5000 LUA – pool weight: 1
  • Moon – 25000 LUA – pool weight: 6
  • Mars – 100 000 LUA – pool weight: 30
  • Galaxy – 250 000 LUA – pool weight: 100

At its current price of $0.03, 5000 LUA is $150 for the Earth tier.

Note: If you don’t qualify for any tier, you can still participate in the IDO but your allocation is not guaranteed.

Animverse IDO luaswap

Source: LuaSwap

3. Buy IDO Tokens: When the IDO is open in the opening pool” section, you need to be sure that your wallet network is BNB Chain. Then, you can buy the IDO tokens before the deadline in flexible amounts.

4. Claim the IDO Tokens: You can see how many IDO tokens you have and claim them in the IDO LuaSwap section. You need to click on the “claim your reward” button and sign the transaction in your wallet. Now you have your IDO tokens.

Follow this guide for more information to participate in this IDO.

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