Stacks NFTs Beginner's Guide

Bitcoin NFTs have been all the rage these days, with Ordinals taking the NFT ecosystem by storm. But Ordinals are not the only option for Bitcoin NFTs. Have you heard of Stacks?

Stacks is one of the first projects to introduce a way for minting Bitcoin NFTs, putting it in an excellent position to benefit from the hype.

Stacks NFTs
Source: Stacks
But What Are Stacks and Ordinals, and How Do They Differ?

Stacks is a layer on top of Bitcoin that enables the creation of Ethereum-style smart contracts to read, write, and secure Bitcoin data. But as Bitcoin cannot verify Stacks transactions, Stacks employs an additional consensus system to secure its ledger.

On the other hand, Ordinals is a framework on Bitcoin L1 that enables users to “inscribe” data up to 3.9 MB on the network without using smart contracts. Ordinals are fundamentally non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are entirely supported by Bitcoin’s computing power and decentralization.

In a nutshell, Stacks enables programmers to create sophisticated decentralized applications (dApps) that are capable of interacting with Bitcoin, while Ordinals offers a straightforward and efficient method of storing data on Bitcoin without smart contracts.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Stacks NFTs!

Stacks (STX) represents a unique NFT ecosystem that brilliantly amalgamates the security of the Bitcoin network with the scalability of Ethereum. But where do you buy these NFTs?

NFT Marketplaces in Stacks
1. Gamma

Launched in September 2021 as, Gamma is the leading Stacks NFT marketplace. Boasting the highest volume of NFTs traded among all Stacks-based NFT marketplaces, Gamma has firmly established itself as the go-to destination for NFT enthusiasts seeking to acquire and trade Stacks NFTs.

Source: Gamma

The platform, the go-to place for Bitcoin-secured NFTs, comprises three primary products that set it apart and provide users with the most upside.

  1. User-first marketplace that enables both new and seasoned NFT enthusiasts to collect and trade Stacks NFTs.
  2. Creator-first launchpad for swift deployment of no-code, creator-owned, and thoroughly tested smart contracts.
  3. Web3-native social platform that seamlessly connects collectors and creators.

Additionally, the platform offers a minting platform for artists to debut their NFT collections without requiring coding expertise.

Besides, Gamma doesn’t require users to establish a Web 2.0-style account and instead employs the most privacy-focused techniques to support a user’s existing decentralized identity.

Moreover, the platform accepts BNS names without requesting users to register or provide personal information to use it. These methods include switching from widely used and cost-free website analytics tools like Google Analytics to privacy-focused tools like Fathom.

Since Gamma leverages Stacks, it can also use Bitcoin as a safe settlement layer and keep track of the state of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Consequently, native Bitcoin transactions can trigger Stacks smart contracts interactions without requiring users to own the Stacks gas tokens.

  • Crypto domains support: Gamma facilitates the transfer of NFTs through blockchain naming service domains rather than lengthy wallet addresses.
  • No-code smart contracts: Creators can utilize Gamma’s NFT launchpad to deploy customizable smart contracts that they fully own, requiring no coding experience.
  • Personalized Discord bots: Users can generate their own free Discord bots in under five minutes.
  • Lightning payment support: Gamma leverages the Lightning Network to expedite Bitcoin transactions.
  • Comprehensive guides and help bot: Gamma offers an extensive and easily accessible guide covering various topics and features, with assistance available through their help bot.

Interestingly, Gamma derives its name from the third letter of the Greek alphabet, alluding to the fact that Gamma represents the third stage of the web’s evolution, Web3. The platform recently started to support Ordinals, even offering a no-code creator portal for Ordinal inscriptions.

2. (Formerly Byzantion)

Byzantion used to be the second largest NFT marketplace on the Stacks blockchain, raising $1 million in a pre-seed round on the 11th of July, 2022. But later, it rebranded to, a multi-chain indexing platform.

It provides developers with API keys for the following:

  • Historical Data
  • Metadata
  • Owners
  • Floor Price
  • Traits
  • Volume
  • Real-time Events
  • Bulk List
  • Listings
  • Bids
  • Marketplaces
  • Portfolio supports several protocols, including NEAR and APTOS, and will soon support Ethereum and Solana. Besides, various projects such as NeoSwap, Ready Layer One, and Meteor Wallet have used to build their platforms.
Source: Byzantion

Although Byzantion rebranded, its minting page is still live, but we wouldn’t recommend using it, as it is no longer under maintenance.

60 day Stack NFT volume

Source: Stacks

Comparing the graph of NFT volume traded on several Stacks-based marketplaces reveals that Gamma is undoubtedly the pack leader. So, sticking with Gamma for trading and minting NFTs is better as it offers the highest liquidity and user base.

How to Mint NFTs in Stacks

Minting NFTs on Gamma is straightforward, as the platform has an intuitive UI and a repository of comprehensive guides.

To mint an NFT on Stacks, the first step is to set up a wallet and fund it with $STX, which you can buy on exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

After filling your wallet, connect it to the official Gamma website. You now have two choices:

  1. Mint recently released collections.
  2. Create your own NFT collection in minutes using the create portal at

To mint a new release, click the “mint” button on the creator portal and obtain a random NFT from the collection. If you prefer specific NFTs, browse the secondary marketplace where other users have listed them for purchase.

Minting NFTs on Gamma
Source: Gamma

Alternatively, you can create your own collection with the creator portal. The process of creating your NFTs involves three steps.

  1. Firstly, you must provide the necessary media and information for your NFTs.
  2. The next step is to deploy your smart contract to the network, enabling the minting or sale of your NFTs on the blockchain.
  3. Finally, provide relevant details to help collectors discover and mint your NFT collection on Gamma.

Gamma has how-to video guides on minting NFTs.

How to Buy NFTs in Stacks 

To buy an NFT from Gamma’s secondary market, link your wallet by selecting “Connect Wallet” in the upper right-hand area, and then choose “Stacks” and the wallet you want to use.

The website currently supports Hiro wallet and Xverse wallet.

To explore NFTs, click “Stacks” and then “Marketplace” and browse all NFTs listed for sale. Select the “Sort by” drop-down option to sort listings by price or most recently sold items.

Source: Gamma

On the other hand, if you want to view the popular collections, you’ll have to click “Stacks” and select “Top Collections.” Use the drop-down menu to browse popular collections by date ranges, such as last day, week, month, or all time.

To purchase an NFT, hover over the preview card and click “Buy now.”

You must pay a small transaction charge at this stage to validate the transaction from your wallet. Once it’s done, the platform will send the NFT your wallet.

Besides, you can view an NFT’s detailed information by clicking on it. The expanded view displays the NFT, traits, rarity rating, sale history, or a listing price. To buy the NFT, click “Buy now” and complete the same steps mentioned earlier.

Gamma has how-to video guides on buying NFTs.


Stacks is a novel and innovative project that aims to strengthen the Bitcoin network’s utility and unleash Bitcoin’s enormous value in the NFT domain by incorporating smart contracts and dApps.

Although permanent, Ordinals do not support smart contracts, while Stacks does. Maybe Stacks and Ordinals can work in tandem to usher in a new era of possibilities!

Stay tuned for part two of this article series to explore the Top 3 NFT Collections in Stacks!

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