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We recently published a piece on Mintable, an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace which enables users to create, trade and sell NFTs. Users do not need to learn how to code smart contracts to use Mintable.

This time, we’ll look at how to mint NFTs on Mintable as well as answer other key questions.

How to Mint NFTs on Mintable?

Minting your own NFT is pretty easy when using a make-your-own-NFT platform, such as Mintable. When using this platform, you need to:

  • Upload a piece of content.
  • Put up a description. Decide on the price you want to sell for.
  • The app will issue it in the form of an ERC-721 token on Ethereum. Here’s how to go about it.

To create and mint your NFT, go to the Mintable app and click on the “Start Selling” icon.

Source: Mintable

Then, you will be asked if the item you want to sell on the marketplace exists in your wallet or you want to create a new item. Click on “Create a new item.

You’ll also be asked if you want to issue the token free and gasless. Or if you prefer the traditional way. Our goal is to stay as cheap as possible. So, toggle the switch to “Easy” and then, select “Create a new item.

Source: Mintable

Next, you’ll need to sign in to your Mintable account before minting your NFT. So, create an account if you haven’t. The platform confirms account via an email. After that, you can create your own piece.

To create and list your work on this marketplace, you need to craft a listing title. Then, a listing subtitle. And a description for what you want to convert into an NFT. Mintable supports different kinds of content such as a video, a GIF, an audio file, an image, or a document.

You can upload whatever you want to turn to an NFT. Then set your desired price and if you want the copyright to your work to be transferable.

Source: Mintable

Lastly, select the “List This Item” icon and use your Ethereum wallet to sign the transaction.

What is the Mintable Token?

ETH is the only crypto used for transactions. So, users need to have ETH in their wallets to transact on this marketplace.

Does Mintable Have an App?

Mintable doesn’t have a marketplace mobile app or mobile NFT display app. This is one of its biggest flaws. Others such as OpenSea, Rarible and Nifty Gateway have a mobile app tied to their marketplaces.

Why is Mintable Free?
This platform offers a gas fee-free option for NFT creators to mint NFTs. This makes it a popular spot for NFT creators. It however charges a 5% marketplace fee on sales for gasless NFTs. The platform deducts a 2.5% marketplace fee for normal NFTs and charges about 10% for printable NFTs.

In conclusion, Mintable might not be as popular as platforms like OpenSea, but it does have its perks and unique features. It is a better option for creators seeking a cheaper and easier place to mint.

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