Ankr Partners With Microsoft to Offer Enterprise Node Services

This partnership combines forces from two different backgrounds. It allows enterprises and organizations access to blockchain data. Ankr brings in blockchain technology know-how. On the other hand, Microsoft brings in its cloud solutions. This will bring Web3 one step closer to mass adoption.

So, let’s dive in and see what Ankr and Microsoft have to offer. What is their easy-to-use node hosting service all about? And does it bring something else to the table? Think about privacy and RPCs.

What Is the Ankr and Microsoft Node Hosting Service?

It seems that Web3 is eventually going to replace Web2. Many enterprises and organizations are currently looking for ways into Web3. They are on the lookout for reliable access of blockchain data. That’s where these two partners come together.

They are planning to offer a node hosting service that’s straightforward and uncomplicated. For this, they will use the Azure marketplace of Microsoft.

According to Ankr, this node hosting service offers low latency blockchain connections. It’s a global service, available to any developer or Web3 project. As a result, they can focus more on scaling and building their projects.

These dedicated nodes offer three main features for devs. For example:

  1. Deploy smart contracts. 
  2. Relay transactions. 
  3. Read or write blockchain data.

The combined know-how of Ankr and Microsoft offers a node hosting solution. Organizations and enterprises can fully manage this with a couple of great options. They can offer custom specifications, according to each customer’s needs. For instance, bandwidth, memory, and global location.

Below is a picture of where you manually add an RPC network on MetaMask. The warning clearly states that it can record your activity.

Better Privacy

When using the Azure-based routing solutions, another important feature pops up. For the routing, you need to use an RPC (remote procedure call). Since this is Ankr’s RPC, there’s a lot less information gathered and shared compared to what Infura does.

Infura is a company that Consensys owns. Consensys also owns MetaMask. Recently, there has been a lot of controversy about Infura and MetaMask. The default settings on MetaMask for your RPC are with Infura. Now, Infura shares a lot of information from your RPC with Consensys. For example, your IP address. If you remember, Consensys also owns MetaMask. As a result, Consensys has a lot of combined information about all your transactions.

So, with this setup by Ankr and Microsoft, you will have much more privacy. Many MetaMask users are now seeking alternative options. We wrote about a few of such options. For example, Pocket Network for Arbitrum or the Rabby Wallet. This new partnership is also a viable alternative once they are up and running. Pocket Network has a great and easy-to-follow video on how you can change your RPC on MetaMask in no time.


Ankr and Microsoft are partnering to bring Web3 one step closer to mass adoption. They will work together to bring an easy-to-use node hosting service to the market. This will also have its own RPC. As a result, this will give you more privacy compared to using the default MetaMask RPC settings.

The current ANKR token price is $0.051783. As a result, from this news, it’s up by 54.6% for the day. During the last seven days, it went up by 79.2%. The market cap is $425 million. Out of a max supply of 10 billion ANKR tokens, 8.16 billion are already in circulation.

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