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Cartesi, an off-chain decentralized computation platform, is offering a delegated staking service with Everstake.

According to an official announcement, Cartesi revealed that it would be partnering with Everstake. The collaboration will result in delegated staking services for $CTSI holders, Cartesi’s native token.

Cartesi’s Noether Proof-of-Stake Delegated Staking Mainnet Beta will be used by Everstake. The mainnet is expected to launch in October 2021 with up to 45% yields with a 10% fee.

Users will be able to delegate to Everstake’s pool via the Cartesi Explorer. Here you can find detailed staking guides and other helpful information on Cartesi’s Everstake page.

Cartesi-Everstake Partnership Reactions

Cartesi carefully chooses partners to provide high service levels and enterprise readiness. Everstake has been developing the infrastructure required to staking on Proof-of-Stake networks from the early days of PoS networks.

Therefore, Cartesi and Everstake will collaborate to provide the best onboarding experience for new and seasoned clients.

Bohdan Opryshko, Chief Operations Officer of Everstake, said about this alliance:

“We are delighted and honored to be among the earliest members of the Cartesi Staking system. Our aim is not only to bring the best staking services but also actively participate in such technically exquisite projects as Cartesi is. Thank you for such an opportunity, and we hope for fruitful cooperation.”

On the other hand, Bruno Maia, Head of Business Development of Cartesi, said:

“We are extremely excited and happy with Everstake joining forces with Cartesi in offering our staking delegation system to our communities. Everstake has a solid track record and an indisputable position on PoS operations. We are glad to have Everstake as an early member of our Staking system.”

Cartesi Roadmap Updates

Cartesi is unique in that it enables decentralized apps to operate on Linux in a form that can be verified by the blockchain. It uses a multi-chain layer two infrastructure that allows any software developer to create smart contracts with mainstream software tools.

It uses rollups to scale smart contracts and is currently developing the first dApp to operate on the network using the layer two techs. According to its September roadmap update, the team highlighted several protocol developments and improvements to scaling and the user interface:

  1. Released Noether’s Beta Release on testnet. It makes it easier to audit and less prone to bugs. Also, it reduced gas costs in all transactions for both pool operators and pool users.
  2. Several improvements to UI/UX.

More Information About Cartesi

Cartesi is the first software-based verified off-chain computing solution that provides developers with a broad selection of software that has grown over the previous 30 years by providing a Linux runtime environment. Therefore, Cartesi addresses numerous blockchain infrastructure challenges and enables a new wave of DApps previously unthinkable.

Also, the platform has a prestigious team of multi-disciplinary professionals that has been specified by Ph.D. researchers and reviewed by Cartesi’s advisors. You can see Cartesi’s whitepaper, which details its academic research work.

Also, anyone can start:

  1. Delegated Staking $CTSI, which is in phase 1 (Testnet)
  2. Run a Node.
  3. Buy the $CTSI tokens with fiat currencies and store them in the official wallet
  4. See Cartesi live performance in the explorer

Cartesi explorer

Source: Cartesi Explorer

$CTSI Price Outlook

Cartesi’s native token, $CTSI, was listed on the KuCoin exchange on September 23rd with trading pairs for USDT and BTC. $CTSI also launched on trading app Revolut in July.

At the time of writing, the $CTSI price was trading at USD 0.574. The long-term outlook is much brighter, though, as $CTSI has gained an impressive 1,425% since the beginning of 2021. Currently, it has a circulating supply of 421 million and a market cap of USD 242 million.

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