Web3 is all about possibilities. This bull run is proving that. Lots of under-the-radar projects are now seeing the spotlight. Amongst our list of projects to watch out for this bull run, very few are as exciting as Edu3labs.

We’ve talked about them before because we admire what they do. Today, we are looking at a huge partnership between Edu3labs and Openfabric. Most top crypto analysts believe the AI narrative will dominate this bull run. And if you think that’s right, then this partnership is worth knowing about. But, first, what is Edu3labs all about?

In simple terms, Edu3labs is leveraging Web3 to promote education. They are all about building a platform where creators and students have greater control. In one of our articles, we referred to them as the Web3 version of Udemy. But even better, because there’s a reward dynamic to their offering.

Creators can create their courses as NFTs and make profits from them. Edu3Labs acts as an important bridge connecting blockchain and AI with education. The combination of AI and blockchain has the potential to improve learning experiences. People can now access quality learning resources that fit their needs.

The Edu3labs team is focused on expanding and increasing its influence. So, the partnership with Openfabric takes things up a notch. Let’s talk about that.

Why is this partnership significant?

Edu3labs shared the news of this partnership on their X page. Openfabric is a project focused on bringing the best of AI to crypto. They run a decentralized marketplace for AI services. So anyone, both protocols and AI agents, can market their services.
Openfabric focuses on making AI applications accessible to more people.

Here’s the interesting part. Edu3labs is very big on AI. They run an AI university. That’s a platform where people can access AI-assisted, customized learning that suits their personal needs. The AI university allows learners to get customized training models.

Partnering with Openfabric gives Edu3Labs both the resources and the support it needs to advance its AI ambitions. It means creators can access a larger market for their content. This partnership also reflects AI’s role in shaping education.

Edu3labs recently had its initial DEX offering (IDO) at Seapad. The event was a huge success, with a staggering 145% surge. This pushed it to over 7x the NFE IDO price. So, there’s a lot of potential.

What’s ahead for Edu3labs?

The future looks bright for this project. Major players in crypto, such as Changpeng Zhao, have turned their focus to education. And Edu3labs is positioned at the center of this sector. Here’s the best part; there’s presently no project incentivizing learning. Only Edu3labs provides that.

The team has also focused on several strategic partnerships. They recently partnered with the KIP Protocol to promote Web3 education. The partnership would also help to integrate decentralized AI into educational platforms.

Julian Peh, CEO and co-founder of KIP Protocol said of the partnership: “Educators are the biggest content creators around, and it’s high time they get paid fairly. We believe that our partnership with Edu3Labs will not only help empower both students and educators, but usher in a transformative way of creating next-gen educational content that is engaging and can be monetized through KIP Protocol’s solutions.”

Edu3labs already has a portfolio of impressive partners. This includes;

  • AWS,
  • Microsoft,
  • Open Campus,
  •  BNB Chain and others.
    We can expect more partnerships in the coming months. This all shows that Edu3labs is en route to becoming the Udemy of Web3.

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This article was sponsored by Edu3labs


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