Justin Sun is Creating Hype. This Time Concerning Apple

Justin Sun and Steve Wozniak had business lunch together the other day. Sun is already full of hopes.

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, advised on Twitter that he met up with TRON CEO Justin Sun. They had lunch at the Mandarin Gourmet restaurant in Cupertino, California. Wozniak has already shown considerable interest in blockchain. For example, he became a member of the board of directors of the blockchain company EFFORCE and is a co-founder of an investment platform based on Ethereum Equi Capital Partners.

To remind, Wozniak left Apple a long time ago.

Justin Sun is a crafty marketer

Sun was in the loop last summer when he purchased the right to dine with Warren Buffett at the auction. However, the meeting did not happen on the appointed day and was postponed indefinitely.

Wozniak mentioned that their lunch with Sun was free of charge. Besides, Wozniak did not make any comments on TRON. But Sun is a different type of guy. He’s already full of enthusiasm and has tweeted a line that reads, “looking forward to our partnership!”

As a result, Twitter users are making wicked jokes. Then again, TRON’s CEO seems to be a skillful marketer. He is well known for his intriguing announcements on social networks. And has more than 2 million subscribers on Twitter only.

One user wrote, “There is no partnership. WoZu hasn’t announced anything but you are already making an elephant out of this, which means you are just wanting some #attention to #dump your TRN.”

That said, what is Justin Sun aiming for? It is too early to state something, but his recent activity and ambitious approach may indicate that he’s working on another project. Perhaps something similar to Facebook and Telegram, though this remains to be seen.

Recently, Altcoin Buzz reported TRON’s promotion by a famous blogger, PewDiePie.


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