Wanchain Enables Cardano to Exchange Assets with Other Chains

Non-custodial, decentralized, bi-directional cross-chain bridges recently went operational on Cardano Pre-Production. As a result, ADA and all ER20 tokens can easily move across Cardano and EVM-based networks. 

Plans to make Cardano interoperable have been ongoing for over a year, and Wanchain has played a key role in this. The target was to set up appropriate infrastructure to enable apps from different chains, increase adoption of Cardano’s ecosystem, and promote Wanchain’s cross-chain infrastructure.

Cardano is pretty different from other blockchain networks. So, making it interoperable is a complex task. It runs on different programming languages and smart contract environments (Plutus and Haskell) as well as a different transaction model.

However, the Wanchain team has developed the Haskell smart contracts needed to support cross-chain transactions. Wanchain’s bridge nodes also went through an upgrade that allowed it to construct UTXO transactions to call Cardano smart contracts.

Wanchain Unlocks Interoperability on Cardano

Following this and other recent upgrades, Cardano cross-chain bridges have become fully operational in Pre-Production. Pre-Production is Cardano’s mature, late-stage testnet. It is designed to resemble the Cardano mainnet and follows “Devnet” and “Preview”.

Pre-production is the last step before deploying apps on the Cardano Mainnet. Here’s a list of the types of cross-chain bridges deployed for Pre-Production:

  1. Move Cardano native tokens to and from any EVM-compatible chain.
  2. Move ERC20 tokens or any coin from any EVM-compatible chain to Cardano and back.
  3. Move ADA to and from any EVM-compatible chain.

These bridges provide a wide range of benefits for users. Users can leverage these bridges to use their ADA and other Cardano native tokens like DJED on any EVM-compatible network or Web3 app. Furthermore, these bridges will unlock an influx of liquidity and assets on Cardano.

Afterward, connecting Cardano to the non-EVM networks supported by Wanchain’s cross-chain infrastructure will be pretty straightforward. Some of the non-EVM chains include

  • Bitcoin,
  • Polkadot
  • the XRP ledger.

Once this is deployed on the Cardano mainnet, making Cardano interoperable will be a realized goal.

Wanchain is Advancing Blockchain Interoperability

Wanchain has been one of the key leaders in advancing blockchain interoperability. The Wanchain team has recorded a couple of achievements over the last few months. Wanchain launched blockchain’s first truly decentralized cross-chain bridge. It also deployed the first direct bridge linking Bitcoin and Ethereum. At its core, Wanchain is about improving interoperability between EVM and non-EVM chains.

Wanchain has more than 20 networks leveraging its cross-chain infrastructure. With Cardano now added to the list, Wanchain is unlocking the true power of blockchain technology.

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