Mantle is at the forefront of 2 big crypto trends. ETH Layer 2 solutions with liquid staking and modular blockchains. Mantle’s mETH is giving Lido’s stETH a run for its money. And the new Mantle mETH is available for restaking on Eigenlayer too. Another hot trend.

And now Mantle has its community memecoin. Its $BONK. The name is Puff the Dragon or $PUFF. Let’s see what it’s about.

Introduction to PUFF

As you know, we don’t talk about memecoins here as a rule. But Puff is the Mantle community coin. And it has some great community features.

For example, it gives its dedicated community a 5 part airdrop. In fact, one part (Part 2 below) is a 25% powerup to complement the standard airdrops going on over a 3 month period.

And then a really cool part of the coin and project design kicks in. You as a coin holder via airdrop or power-up have a decision to make. You can either

  • keep your memecoin or
  • you can burn it and receive a new, valuable non-meme coin. More details are coming out about this potential decision soon……
The Airdrops & Tokenomics

This project is for airdrop hunters (40% over 5 airdrops chapters), memecoin degens, as well as whales, and serious investors. The conversion coin can change the game. With a total of 88,888,888 in total supply, 40% come from the airdrops and 25% from the power-up. That’s A LOT of giving back to the community.

Source: Puff the Dragon Website

So if you stake with Mantle and get mETH. This is a fun way to put it to use.

There will be a public liquidity bootstrap of 25% of tokens starting from Monday, Feb 19 until Feb 23rd, at 57m FDV atm (fluctuates with the price of ETH). So you can take part now in the power-up.

As you know, we don’t talk memecoins here. But this gamification aspect and the fact that the trade-off could end up being for a legit coin like BTC, ETH, Polygon, or another blue chip project is a new dimension that we think is pretty cool. And it adds an important element of fun to what you are doing with your crypto. PUFF could become one of those surprises in your portfolio whether you hold it or trade it in later. You’re already making money staking ETH and holding mETH so we know some of you might take a flyer and try this out. As always, DYOR.

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