2 Upcoming Crypto Coins to Watch Out For

One of the easiest ways to profit in crypto is to find new projects before they list on exchanges. Top investors are often hunting for worthy projects to get as cheap as possible. 

With the bull market around the corner, getting projects on time could be one of your most effective strategies. We recently gave you a list of upcoming crypto coins you should watch out for. This article will expand on our list of upcoming crypto coins.

1) Davos Protocol

The Davos Protocol is an innovative collateralized debt position (CDP) protocol that provides an inflation-proof stablecoin, $DUSD. The project seeks to tackle some of the limitations of traditional CDPs in the DeFi space. 

One of the protocol’s solutions is that it implements an unbiased monetary policy and fair borrowing rates. This way, it achieves both security for its users and fosters the adoption of DeFi tools. In addition, the Davos Protocol allows users to retain the upside of their collateral and preserve their potential profits.

The protocol works in a fairly simple way. It accepts Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) as collateral for borrowing the DUSD stablecoin. Furthermore, Davos has a governance token, DGT, which enables holders to take part in the monetary policies of the $DUSD stablecoin. To participate in the process, users are required to lock DGT into a 80-20 proportion in Balancer Liquidity Pools.

Why should you care about Davos?
  • Davos has already been audited by Quantstamp, Veridise, and Slowmist. 
  • It has an impressive list of partners, including J10M Ventures, ORBS, Polygon Ventures, and Symbolic Capital.
  • The team is publicized. You can get details about the team from their LinkedIn page. Projects with a publicized team often have an extra layer of credibility than projects whose team members are hidden.
  • It has an active social media presence. On Twitter alone, Davos has more than 30k followers.
  • The project is well documented. There’s a whitepaper detailing what it’s all about. And there’s a functional website.

So, our research team concluded that Davos seems pretty legit and active. Davos has a TVL of $474.280 And that’s impressive. You can find out more about this project on their Discord or Website. Also, keep an eye out for any announcements about their token sale. 

2) Cruise Finance

Cruize Finance allows its users to generate returns on their volatile assets. It, also, protects users against loss of capital. Cruize provides vaults for users to stake their capital and generate safer yields. Furthermore, Cruise combines derivatives and bonds into pre-packaged instruments known as structured products.

In summary, Cruize Finance seeks to protect you from impairment losses, liquidation risks, and directional exposure. So, Cruize provides a series of advanced tools to simplify your DeFi experience. You can leverage its Dashboard to track your assets with real-time data. It is also compatible with the Gnosis Safe wallet, which provides multi-signature features for extra security. Here are some reasons to consider Cruize Finance.

  1. It has an experienced team behind it.
  2. It has been audited by Armur.
  3. Cruize has proper documentation, such as a whitepaper.
  4. It has some investors and backers.

Here’s a list of some of the investors backing Cruize Finance:

  • Big Brain Holding
  • Delta Blockchain Fund
  • Gravity

Our research team believes Cruize Finance is legit. And has shown good signs during its early stages.


That’s our 2 upcoming crypto coins. In conclusion, investing early is often the best step to take in crypto. But before you invest, it’s important to do your own research. Also, consider your goals and your risk appetite.

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