Being early in crypto is crucial. If you can join public or seed sales, you can buy tokens at cheap prices. For example, 1 MATIC was 0.00263 USD. That’s a cool 279x at the current price of $0.78. Keep in mind that the ATH was $2.92.

So, with that in mind, we found 5 upcoming coin launches you should keep an eye out on. In this article, we will cover 3 coins. In Part 2 we will cover another 2 coins.

Coin launches

Source: Icodrops

1) SpinFi

SpinFi, or Spin, is a DEX on the Near protocol. It offers perpetuals (perps) and options. In June 2023, it also launched on the Polygon zkEVM chain. Their token sale is between 17th and 27th July 2023. According to icodrops, the public sales price is $0.05 per token. This is our first pick of the coin launches.

Our research team took a closer look at this project. Here are some findings. For instance,

  • According to DeFiLlama, their TVL is $972,696. Earlier this month, it already hit $1 million. Since May 2023, we can see big improvements in their TVL.
  • They also found information about the team. This is an important factor in new projects. Anonymous projects don’t give that much trust. However, on their LinkedIn page, there’s information about the team.
  • SpinFi also had one audit. BlockApex audited the project, and you can find the results here. For example, they compared SpinFi to a CEX-competive experience for DeFi users.
  • On social media, SpinFi appears to be solid as well. On Twitter, they have 62.4k followers. There are also 20k Discord members. These are good numbers and show that there’s an active team and community.

Our research team qualified SpinFi as a legit project. It takes a prominent place on Near and has a few good VC’s backing them. The picture below shows strategies you can follow on Spin.

Coin launches

Source: Spin vaults

2) Radpie

Radpie is a Next-Generation SubDAO Yield Optimizer. They do this by leveraging Radiant Capital’s robust infrastructure. When using the platform, you can earn RDP tokens as a reward and RDNT token emissions. It’s our second pick of these coin launches.

Radpie is from the same team that brought us Magpie (Wombat) and Penpie (Pendle). However, the project is so new, that there’s currently no information about their TVL available. On the other hand, we can, of course, compare the TVL to Magpie and Penpie. According to DeFiLlama, Magpie’s ecosystem TVL is $8.12 million. The TVL for Penpie’s ecosystem is $47.28 million. These are promising figures.

You can find information about the team on the Magpie website. As already mentioned before, having team info available is always a good sign. On social media, Radpie does ok, especially considering it’s a new project. On Twitter, they currently have 2.4k followers. However, their Discord does a lot better with 62.6k people on their server.

Radpie also had two audits. One by Peckshield and one by Watchpug. Our research team couldn’t find the Peckshield audit. Nonetheless, they still gave a positive verdict. So, the verdict is that this is a legit project. Keep an eye out for an announcement about the token sale. Here’s already information about their tokenomics.

3) Clip Finance

Clip Finance is still in the early stages. It’s an Infrastructure layer for cross-chain yield products. Clip Finance has a one-click solution for multi-chain DeFi yield strategies. However, the project hasn’t launched yet. On the other hand, there’s already a website and there’s a doxed team.

Because there’s no product yet, there’s currently also no information on TVL available. But the website has the team information with links to their LinkedIn profiles. This is always an important factor in your fundamental research. Currently, there’s also no information about audits available. However, the website states that this should be coming soon.

Their social media presence currently only extends to Twitter. But check this, they have 10k Twitter followers. At the time of writing this article, there are no associated other social media available. Their website states that a token sale is coming soon.

So, what’s the verdict of our research team? They see the project as legit. That’s despite the fact that the project hasn’t launched yet. However, the website and docs are in order. Furthermore, there’s also a doxed team. This is our third pick of the coin launches. Once more, keep an eye out for their token sale.


It pays off to be early in crypto. So, not sorry for any pun. We looked at three early projects that coin launches coming up. However, this is Part 1, in Part 2 we introduce another two projects to you.

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