Nowadays, almost everyone has a debit or credit card. However, most of them are part of a centralized institution like banks. However, we are also seeing more decentralized debit card options.

Gnosis Pay is a new player in this field. So, let’s take a look at how you can use this Gnosis Pay crypto debit card to pay anywhere with your non custodial wallet. 

What is Gnosis?

Gnosis dates back to 2015. They are one of the first sidechains on Ethereum. It is an execution layer EVM chain. Gnosis has no less than 120k validators. That’s because you can stake at home. Currently, it costs less than $120 to start a validator. On the other hand, their yield is almost 16%.

So, Gnosis is a DAO and their GNO token is the staking and the governance token. The treasury holds over 150k ETH and 8 million GNO tokens. In July 2023, Gnosis launched the Gnosis Pay app with the Gnosis Pay debit card. The picture below shows the number of validators and their yield.

Gnosis Pay

Source: Gnosis website

What Gnosis Pay has to offer?

Gnosis Pay is like a Layer 2 on the Gnosis sidechain. It introduced the Gnosis Card. This is a self-custodial Visa card, which puts you in control of your money. In other words, you can spend your crypto as if it were cash. The advantage is that you can do this at each Visa card point. They operate in over 200 countries with 80+ million merchants.

Furthermore, the card has high security standards. The card is compliant with EU regulations. Currently, the card is available in the UK and EU. In Q4 they have plans to expand to the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and Hong Kong. You can join a waiting list to get your card. Keep in mind that using a Visa card, requires a KYC and KYT (Know Your Transaction) procedure.

What is interesting is that your money goes directly out of your wallet. This means that it’s not a pre-paid card. However, from the get go, you can only use EURe. This is a stablecoin by Monerium. Currently, you need to make sure that you have EURe stocked in your wallet. The team soon wants to add a feature that lets you switch to USDC or other assets. Monerium allows you to connect to IBAN. 

Signing up currently costs 30 Euro, with an extra 10 Euro for manufacturing the card. For the moment, there’s a physical and a web card available. A mobile version is in the making. The card will also be available for other wallets. They can use the Gnosis Card infrastructure. Zerion, Bankless, and 1Inch are likely contenders for this. The picture below shows how the Gnosis Pay architecture works.

Gnosis Pay

Source: Twitter


Gnosis Pay is a new player on the debit card scene. They offer a decentralized crypto card that takes money straight from your wallet. Currently, the card is available in the UK and Europe. More territories are coming soon.

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