3 Ways to Replace Traditional Centralized Exchanges

The SEC is taking aim at Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) again. This time, it’s going for the biggest players in the game – Binance and Coinbase. Indeed, the SEC has sued both these CEXs for violating federal “securities laws”. If you’re an American crypto investor, you should be concerned. 

If CEXs like Binance.us and Coinbase cease to operate (we hope this doesn’t happen), it’ll be troublesome. Fortunately, we’ve got just the solution for you. Spritz Finance aims to disrupt traditional CEXs by offering retail users three key benefits. With this, you won’t be shut off from crypto in case the large CEXs fail.

Spritz Finance
Source: Spritz Finance
Service #1 – Paying Your Bills With Crypto

In a nutshell, Spritz Finance offers services as an online crypto bill payment application. It allows you to pay your bills directly with crypto. In other words, you do not have to convert your crypto to USD fiat before paying your bills.

Spritz Finance - Bill Payments
Source: Twitter

In our opinion, that’s incredibly convenient! Especially if you’re an American living overseas, or if you’re a digital nomad. You can circumvent the cumbersome banks since you don’t need USD fiat to pay your bills anymore. Also, you won’t need CEXs to help you convert your crypto to stablecoins for bill payments anymore.

“But, is Spritz Finance really useful? Will it really help me save time, money and effort?”. You may be wondering. Now, we accept that sometimes, it’s hard to switch away from CEXs or banks when you’re used to them. But, we recommend you check out Spritz Finance. Its app is:

  • Fast.
  • Inexpensive (Transactions cost a small fee, net of gas fees).
  • Compatible with many Web3 wallets (Such as Metamask etc).
  • Flexible (You can pay your bills with many cryptos, not just stablecoins).

If you’d like a comprehensive guide on how to pay a bill with Spritz Finance, check out our earlier article here. But, that’s not all Spritz can help you with.

Service #2 – Crypto Virtual Debit Card

Aside from bills, Spritz Finance offers its SpritzCard product to its users. Simply put, it’s a Mastercard debit card. Again, this is perfect for US residents. With SpritzCard, users can top up crypto into a said debit card. Once that’s done, you can spend your money on day-to-day needs.

Source: Twitter

Today, many CEXs offer debit cards too! In fact, all the big CEXs have debit cards. But, these usually require crypto transfers through their CEXs to said debit cards. As an American, there are only so many CEXs you could use. And these CEXs could close down any day.

But with SpritzCard, you can do it all at once from the app. Do note that this incurs a small deposit fee for amounts higher than USD$100 a month. For the first $100 per month, there’re no deposit fees.

Service #3 – Fiat Off-Ramp

If you’re in the crypto space, you’d want to take profits once in a while, right? Not to worry! Spritz Finance has an off-ramp service just for you. With its app, you can link up directly with your bank account. Since your Web3 wallet is set up with the app, you can convert your crypto into USD fiat directly. Sadly, the Spritz Finance app only supports Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Polygon as of now. We’re eagerly waiting for it to expand its support to other chains.

Yes. Gone are the days when we’ve got to send our crypto to CEXs. Then, convert the crypto to $USDT. And finally, off-ramping our crypto to our bank accounts. That’s so troublesome. What’s even more frustrating is that every CEX has a different off-ramp method. So, we’ve got to set up and maintain so many accounts everywhere.

Luckily, we’ve got Spritz Finance to skip these extra steps. To learn more about its off-ramp service, check out Spritz Finance’s blog post here.


We hope we’ve shown you clearly the benefits of Spritz’s services. If you feel that it’ll save you time, effort, and money, do click on this link to try it out! With its special promotion, you will get a $50 credit toward your next bill if you pay at least $50 worth of bills.

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