altcoins in cosmos ecosystem

Two of our top projects on Cosmos have such great tokenomics that more than 75% of their coins are out in the circulating supply. While another lets you move stablecoins across chains like from Cosmos to BNB Chain. 

Yet another gives you the privacy you crave.Interested? These are our top Cosmos altcoins.

Altcoin #1: JUNO

Cosmonauts are very high on Juno Network. Juno is a smart contract platform and the home of CosmWasm. It’s also completely community owned. That’s the 2nd biggest smart contract platform after Ethereum’s EVM. Developers use Juno to develop WASM VMs so more protocols and apps have interoperable smart contracts.

The ecosystem is growing fast too with lots of projects there including:

  • White Whale for arbitrage who migrated to JUNO from Terra after the LUNA implosion.
  • Kado for a fiat on-ramp and off-ramp directly to Juno.
  • JunoSwap to swap any CW-20 token standard tokens.
  • MintDAO for cross-chain NFT launchpad, and more.
Why We Like JUNO?

The importance of CosmWasm for a smart contract alternative to EVM is something vital to the growth and success of Cosmos generally. It feels like to be bullish on Cosmos is to be bullish on Juno.

Juno also has excellent tokenomics. More than 75% of the total supply of tokens are out there in the market as part of the circulating supply. It’s 64.3 million out of 92.8 million. This means there is no overhang of huge future supply, token unlocks, or vesting schedules to worry about. Also, no artificial increase in price due to a restricted supply. This is something we LOVE to see.

Osmosis and Sifchain within the Cosmos ecosystem are the easiest places to buy JUNO. But don’t let the low volumes scare you. Juno had a huge airdrop in 2021 and many passionate users are long term holders. So float is low. But you can go get yours. You can also stake it for a net 33% APR after commissions for the validator. That’s a good deal and again, not artificially inflated.

Altcoin #2: Kujira

If you’ve seen our 50x Portfolio series, then you’ve seen Kujira before. Kujira’s message is “Anyone Can Be a Whale”. And they mean it. The apps they’ve developed, specifically Orca, used to only be available to whales to give them a chance to make even more money.

Kujira is democratizing this process. Orca lets you bid on DeFi loan liquidations of collateral. And with this bear market, we’ve had lots of liquidations, to be sure. Kujira lets you use their crypto-backed stablecoin USK to bid on the collateral at a discount. For now, you can use Polkadot’s DOT or ATOM as your collateral to mint USK and make your bid.

It sounds harder than it is. You use USK to bid on the ATOM from liquidated loans and you get to buy your ATOM at a discount. It’s a great service. And all fees go to $KUJI stakers.

Why We Like Kujira?

We like the democratization of a process that normally only huge investment houses in TradFi can do. They made the fast pivot from the Terra Luna ecosystem to build out its own chain. We tried the service and got some ATOM at a 4% discount. SWEET!. In a bear market, anything you can do to get quality for less is an advantage.

$KUJI also has great tokenomics, like Juno. Again, more than 75% of the total supply is in the circulating supply. In this case, it’s 96.7 million out of a total supply of 122.3 million. We love that. MEXC and Osmosis are the 2 most popular places to buy $KUJI.

Altcoin #3: KAVA

Kava is one of our AB Gems. You’ve heard us say why we like Kava with its Cosmos and Ethereum VM co-chains and more.

Why We Like kava?

Kava is (or was) down 90% from its bull market highs. And yet nothing has changed at Kava except for the things that have improved. Like their grants program, their increased liquidity in Curve’s 3Pool, the launch of their EVM chain.

Fundamentals still look great for Kava and the only difference is the price. We think it’s a huge discount to its true value right now. Do you have a favorite project on Cosmos? Let us know in the comments below.

Altcoin #4: Secret Network (SCRT)

Secret Network is another of our gems. It’s all the ease of use of Cosmos with a focus on privacy. All these centralized platform problems in the industry are continuing to remind us that privacy and self-custody are vital to the industry’s success.

We’ve reported on Secret a few times including recently too. But there are 2 new things that you should be aware of:

  1. In a good news/bad news deal, a white hack hacker found a vulnerability in the privacy part of the Secret Network. The good news is it’s been found, reported, bounty paid, and fixed. No one lost funds or anything in this exploit. That’s the good. The bad is that during the time this exploit was there, many of the privacy aspects like shielding wallet addresses were made public so Secret wasn’t so private for a while.

Will this be a blow to investor and user confidence? So far, it hasn’t been. The 7 day chart is mostly unchanged since this announcement with $SCRT ranging between 75c-85c.

2. Secret’s ecosystem is growing enough that on December 15th, they are having their first Secret Summit online. You can expect lots of news and new developments to come out of this summit.

Why We Like the Secret Network?

Well we love privacy, as we said already. Next, this privacy exploit could have been a HUGE negative for users’ trust in Secret to keep their on-chain information private. But so far, that has not happened based on the reputation Secret has built over time.

3. This is another project with great and improving fundamentals, which like Kava, is down 90% from its bull market highs. Again, we think this is buying quality at a discount. Secret is available on Binance and Osmosis.

Altcoin #5: Axelar

Last on our list today is a potential gem, Axelar. Axelar describes itself as the Stripe of crypto. They are a cross-chain communication tool using mostly APIs the same way Stripe uses APIs to make setting up payments across the web so easy.

APIs are a great tool for adding utility to apps and protocols quickly and cheaply. We love infrastructure tools like this to make access to more apps and more chains easier. This is like selling the picks and shovels during the Gold Rush and making your money that way instead of just hoping to strike gold.

More than 24 blockchains and $1 billion in transactions are part of Axelar’s experience. And all behind the scenes.

Why We Like Axelar?

Axelar has an active Grants program of up to $100,000 in funding. Their current wrapped versions of USDC and USDT, axlUSDC and axlUSDT are the most popular stablecoins in the Cosmos ecosystem right now. And we know stables are important.

Although an important part of Cosmos they power many chain agnostic apps like Satellite. Money. Here you can see som5ething not every app can do where you can connect 2 wallets Metamask and Keplr. And on Satellite, thanks to Axelar, you can move coins like stablecoin axlUSDC to the BNB Chain. Then Ellipsis Finance does the swap and exchange for BUSD. The practical uses for this are many.

The most active markets for Axelar are Osmosis or Coinbase for the $AXL token.

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