B21 Launches Premium Cards for NFT Enthusiasts

Mobile-first platform, B21, and FV Bank are at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain, and crypto space.

The user-friendly platform B21 has announced the launch of its premium cards on the cross-chain NFT platform known as NFTrade.

The B21 premium cards are part of the platform’s plan to improve its users staking benefits, NFT claiming, and is a part of B21 crypto card NFT voucher offerings. According to reports, there a four distinct vouchers. These vouchers ensure access to B21 crypto cards namely; Teal card, Gold card, Black card, and the Metal card. The vouchers will also serve as proof of ownership, therefore making it easy for B21 to verify user’s claims. Once a voucher is purchased, the owner has the option of either redeeming the NFT voucher for the physical cards or trade the NFT voucher on NFTrade.

The teal, gold, and black card are entry-level, secondary level, and tertiary level cards respectively. The Metal card, on the other hand, is the highest level and is also known as the Premium card offering. It is also only available to users on NFTrade and comes with a $25,000 spending limit per month.

More on the B21 | NFTrade Partnership

The B21 partnership is an important step for both the B21 and NFTrade ecosystem. Thanks to the collaboration, NFTrade users now have access to crypto-based credit cards that are solely fitted for the NFT space. Powered by Visa Network, B21 cards are currently supported in more than 80 countries. Furthermore, the cards will make trading and utilizing cryptocurrency easier, and less of a hassle.

The Metal card is the most exclusive crypto card in the mobile-first platform’s suite of credit cards (Teal, Gold, Black, and Metal). It also boasts of the most benefits for users and as previously stated, it is only available to NFTrade users.

About B21 and NFTrade

B21 is a mobile-based platform designed to facilitate the easy utilization of cryptocurrencies. The user-friendly platform also makes it easy for interested persons to create a portfolio of their crypto assets and then carry out staking activities in just a few clicks.

FV Bank was co-founded by Nitin Agarwal and Miles Paschini. The co-founders also recently acquired a U.S. patent for its stablecoin dubbed Yuga Coin. Unlike most stablecoins that are usually backed by fiat or crypto, the Yuga Coin will be pegged to bonds, and treasury notes (Government debts).

NFTrade, on the other hand, is the first-ever blockchain-agnostic NFT platform. The platform looks to bring together all players in the NFT space, therefore boosting interoperability among NFT marketplaces. With NFTrade, users can easily and seamlessly access and utilize their entire NFT portfolio.

B21 Token Price

At the time of publication, B21 was trading at $0.128845, with a market cap of $6,709,604, and a 24-hour trading volume of $110,068. The token price is also up by 20.4% over the last 24 hours.

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