SOLVE health care tokens

Solve.Care has recently revealed some important details of its native token SOLVE explaining its advantages, uses, and features.

The decentralized health care platform Solve.Care in a YouTube video threw more light on its utility token. Although unlike any other digital tokens,  it is, however, built also on the Ethereum ERC 20 blockchain.

According to the YouTube video, SOLVE token has all the characteristics of a standard token. However, its main distinguishing factor was that “it is a digital currency with a mission”.  

Its primary use of unlocking the ecosystem enables users to experience the benefits of the healthcare universe built on decentralized technology.

Notably, Solve.Care aims to simplify healthcare processes, besides improving the accessibility of users to better healthcare features. On the way, it enhances and revitalizes user experience in the ecosystem. Simply put, the entire ecosystem responds only to SOLVE tokens. As a result, all transactions and payment processes in the decentralized healthcare platform revolve around its utility token.

More on SOLVE tokens

An easy way to better understand the idea behind the SOLVE token is to take a look at role-playing games (RPGs). In RPG, to purchase any tools, features, or upgrades, users must make use of only digital tokens approved by the gaming platform. This is similar to how SOLVE token functions in the decentralized healthcare ecosystem. However, unlike RPGs, Solve.Care and its token exist in the real world.

With SOLVE, you can pay for anything linked to healthcare, be it insurance or the fare to the hospital to see a doctor. The token thus covers a wide range of healthcare services.  

Another major feature of the token is that it is programmable as evidenced by its functionality around only healthcare-based services. “It covers services like healthcare, insurance, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, big business, and even government agencies”.

It is also important to note that the higher the number of clients on the healthcare ecosystem, the more the utilization and adoption of its native tokens. According to the YouTube page, the mission of the platform is to make healthcare services available to every individual on the planet. 

The utility tokens are specifically developed for care coordination, administration, and payments of healthcare benefits all over the world. The token also has multiple uses, including business (B2B), consumer (B2C), government (B2G), and developer (B2D).

In July last year, the healthcare decentralized platform had announced a partnership with the ride-sharing giant, Uber.

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