The Binance crypto investors seem to be “quite” agitated with its US launch serial announcements. And the reason behind the twitter uproar is simple. The exchange still remains unclear about the token support of its hyped US marketplace. Could this be the only reason for all the Binance bashing?

Binance US marketplace announcement

In accordance with its official announcement, five days from today, the US-traders stand prohibited to trade on CEO CZ, had promised the Binance crypto investors that it will be a “short-term pain” with the launch of a regulated platform.
But today it seems to be a far cry. Undoubtedly, its “What to Expect from Binance.US” official revelation had nothing too exciting for the community. The Binance US-traders are holding their assets in dark and the community is a curious cat now. The rational question is why there is no platform launch date, no states list and not even a definitive coin list out yet.

Could this be the dump ploy?

The crypto investors are evidently losing patience. And have accused the exchange of withholding the information to take advantage of pump and dump. With Binance’s unavailability for US-traders from Sep 12th, the investors have a long list of questions. Sadly, all these remained unanswered in yesterday’s announcement.
Peculiar it may sound, but the post talked only about KYC need and a vague launch date. Major stir happened when the exchange demanded the Social Security Number.
Undoubtedly, the crypto investors lost trust in the exchange’s security promises post the KYC data leak incidents in the near past. Demanding SSN did not sound encouraging to the investors, as its close competitor Coinbase is furnishing KYC without SSN details.
But what about addressing the holder’s questions about BNB’s tradability status and charges for Binance to Binance US asset transfer.
We hope the Binance leadership proactively address its US-trader community. If you have any questions, please write to us in the comment section.


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